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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) within the Division of Student Affairs are created and led by staff volunteers who share common interests, identities, or positions.

These groups strive to create spaces to promote a sense of belonging, support, mentorship, networking, professional development opportunities, and resource sharing within the division. ERGs play an important role in advancing our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion.

ERGs provide a space within the division that makes Student Affairs a positive and inclusive work environment, ultimately supporting the retention of our staff and recruitment of new community members.

Join an ERG Today!

Below you will find a list of the current Employee Resource Groups that launched Spring 2024. ERGs are open to all members of the division.

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ERG Membership

The Division supports participation in approved Employee Resources Groups and recognizes staff will serve in volunteer roles to advance this initiative.  All staff members within the Division of Student Affairs are invited to join or propose a Division-sponsored ERG. This includes bargaining unit, exempt, and non-exempt staff.

For more information on ERGs contact the Student Affairs Staff Resource Office or the ERG Co-Conveners.

Black Staff ERG: A group dedicated to creating a supportive campus environment for Black identified staff.

Co-convenors: Ali Harrison, Aaron Lash, Jr.

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Family Caregivers ERG: This group is dedicated to supporting staff who are responsible for caring for loved ones of all ages.

Co-convenors: Emilie Dye, Jeanna McCullers

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