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Cultural Affinity Spaces

Information and updates about the Cultural Affinity spaces on the mid level of the Bryan Center.

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What are the Cultural Affinity Spaces?

The Cultural Affinity Spaces are physical places on campus that highlight and celebrate a given cultural identity. These spaces are meant for students to gather in community, encourage a sense of belonging, and celebrate the diversity within the student body at Duke.


A/API BASE [Bridge to Action, Solidarity, and Education] (Bryan Center 037A) | Asian/American community space

Black Student Affinity (Bryan Center 038)

Disability Community Space (Bryan Center 033)

Duke LIFE (Cultural Affinity Lounge, Bryan Center 036) | Low Income/First Generation community space

La Casa (Bryan Center 037) | Latino/x/e community space

Middle Eastern North African (Cultural Affinity Lounge, Bryan Center 036)

Multicultural Greek Council (Cultural Affinity Lounge, Bryan Center 036)

National Pan-Hellenic Council (Cultural Affinity Lounge, Bryan Center 036)

Wekit [pronounced • WAY-kith] (Bryan Center 001A) | Native American/Indigenous community space

The Yaad (Cultural Affinity Lounge, Bryan Center 036) | Caribbean community space

What is the Space Advisory Committee?

The space advisory committee is comprised of student representatives from each of the communities listed below. The committee is responsible for 

  • advocating for the physical needs of the cultural spaces
  • communicating information between students and administrators
  • determining how space is allocated among communities

Spaces Represented

  • Black Student Affinity
  • Disability Community
  • La Casa
  • Low Income First Generation
  • Middle Eastern North African
  • Multicultural Greek Council
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council
  • Wekit
  • The Yaad

Meeting Notes

Q: How is input being collected from the student body?
A: Student members of the committee are tasked with outreach to their respective communities using their preferred method. As students have questions or concerns they should direct those to the committee members or use the feedback form linked here.

Q:What is the timeline for providing input for renovation plans (and feedback on
subsequent plans)?
A: Students will be able to provide input throughout the spring 2023 semester on renovation ideas/plans. 

Q: What is the timeline for renovations?
A: Renovations are currently slated to begin during the summer of 2023. The construction timeline is dependent on many factors, including but not limited to timely student feedback, supply chain, and securing appropriate licenses/permits.

As a more information is available, this website will be updated.

Q: Why do DUU and DSG have offices in the Cultural Affinity Lounge if the space is cultural/identity focused?
A: These student organizations are among the few that are structured to serve the entire student body, so the ideal place for them is in the student center. With all the considerations made during the 2022 space moves, their current locations allow them to be accessible to students.

Q: How can I provide feedback in the foreseeable future?
A: Use this feedback form

Q: Where can I find the most up-to-date information on this topic?
A: This webpage, more specifically the updates section above.

Do you have a question that is not answered above? Would you like to provide feedback, suggestions, or ideas to the committee? Submit them using this form.

Note: Form submissions will not receive direct replies.