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The Connection Project

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The Connection Project is a leadership program for first-year students to make their place at Duke.

The Connection Project is for first-year students who want to:

  • Make friends at Duke
  • Hone their leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Build a network of students and mentors
  • Live authentically

The Connection Project helps first-year students answer questions like:

  • Who do I want to be at Duke?
  • How can I make friends at Duke?
  • How do I get connected to other first-year students?
  • How do I lead at Duke without being in a leadership position?
  • How can I maximize my leadership potential at Duke?
  • How can I find community at Duke?

Established as the Duke Authenticity Project at the request of first-year students looking for authentic connection on campus, the Connection Project is led by six upperclass students and is supported by the office of Student Involvement & Leadership.


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