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Quick Takes Training

If you're looking for some quick ideas on how to improve your leadership and grow your skillset, check out our Quick Takes Trainings. Let us know what you think and what else you'd like to see at

Programs About Working Together

As an involved student on campus, you'll likely have to plan a meeting or two. Check out our video on some ideas and best practices when it comes to planning and conducting an effective meeting!

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When in spaces with peers, it may be a challenge for students to provide one another feedback. Rather than avoiding confrontation all together, here are some best practices on how to do so effectively. 

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Looking to set new and sustainable goals for your organization? Check out this guide that will have your group working towards common goals in no time!

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If your group struggles to move forward on making decisions, or it always feels like you end up having to vote or ask one person to decide, this might be a helpful exercise to reconsider how your group works together.

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Looking to maintain or build relationships in your group? Check out our list of different ways to do that virtually!

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Are you a leader and tired of always doing everything? But also feel like no one else does tasks when you ask them to? Watch this video for some tangible ways to delegate and empower your members.

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As you prepare to leave your role in a group, it's more important than ever to leave behind good information for the next leaders. Check out some simple ways to do just that!

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