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Land Acknowledgement

Center for Multicultural Affairs Land Acknowledgement

The Center for Multicultural Affairs acknowledges that the land our center and the greater university occupies are the ancestral lands of the Shakori, Eno and Tuscarora people.

Today, North Carolina recognizes 8 tribes: Coharie, Lumbee, Meherrin, Occaneechi Saponi, Haliwa Saponi, Waccamaw Siouan, Sappony, and the Eastern Band of Cherokee. We recognize those peoples for whom these were ancestral lands as well as the many Indigenous people who live and work in the region today.

Pronunciation Guide 

  1. shuh • cori
  2. EE-noh
  4. co-HAIR-ee
  5. LUM-bee
  6. ma-HAIR-in
  7. OAK-uh-NEE-chee suh-PONY
  8. HA-lih-WAH suh-PONY
  9. WOK-uh-ma Soo-uhn
  10. suh-PONY
  11. cheh·ruh·kee