Intlflash listserv

The Duke email address of every student and scholar visa holder who registers with Duke Visa Services is automatically place on this closed list. Only International House posts the weekly newsletter to the list and, very rarely, one-off important notices. Please read these notices.

If you are not receiving each week, please email Andromeda Connor.  Be sure to put intlflash in the subject line and include your Duke email address.


International House listserv

This is a semi-open listserv used by many Duke students, scholars, spouses and surrounding community members for selling and purchasing items including but not limited to furniture, cars, computers, etc.  Also searching for an apartment or roommate and looking for and/or sharing a ride.  This is a great list to join if you are newly arrived to Duke and/or Durham.


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International Spouses listserv

This a closed listserv for Duke international spouses, partners and friends.  Only leaders of the International House Spouses' Groups may post and share relevant information such as updates or local happenings.  The listserv also operates as a vehicle to interact with other international spouses from around the world.


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