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Freeman Center Café

Kosher deli classics, Mediterranean-inspired meals, and Freeman Favorites

The Freeman Center Cafe is a Kosher establishment located in the Freeman Center for Jewish Life, which also houses Jewish Life at Duke. Serving Duke students, faculty, staff, and the public. The Cafe is under the rabbinical supervision of Duke's Campus Rabbi, Rabbi Elana Friedman, and operated in partnership by Duke Dining and Jewish Life at Duke. All items are prepared in our Kosher kitchens.

Chef Sebastian Marcet serves up made-to-order kosher deli classics, Mediterranean-inspired meals, non-dairy coffee beverages, desserts, and more, catering to a wide range of dietary restrictions including vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Wednesdays are dairy days at Freeman Center Cafe, featuring Blue Devil Bagels, a bagel pop-up, serving bagel sandwiches and other warm favorites like grilled cheese and tomato soup, mac & cheese, and more. 


Monday 12:00pm - 7:30pm

Tuesday 12:00pm - 7:30pm

Wednesday: Blue Devil Bagels, weekly bagel pop-up and dairy menu 12:00-7:30pm

Thursday 12:00pm - 7:30pm

Friday 12:00pm - 2:00pm

The Cafe operates on Duke's academic calendar and is closed on University holidays, Jewish Yom Tov Holidays, and Duke's summer break.

The cafe will be closed for summer from May 6, 2023 through August 27, 2023.


Located on the first floor of the Freeman Center for Jewish Life on Duke University's campus.

1415 Faber St. Durham, NC 22705

Located on the C-1 (East-West) Bus Route at the corner of Campus Dr. and Swift Ave. Free city street parking is available on Faber Street, Hull Street, and Powe Avenue.



2 Ways to Order

  1. Order using the Duke Dine-Out Mobile Ordering app
  2. Order in-person at the Freeman Center Cafe window

Free Delivery to West Campus Pick-Up Spot

Want your meal delivered to West Campus? You can choose to have your order delivered to the Express Pick-Up Spot on West Campus (outside the ground floor of the Brodhead Center, by Panera Bread).

    • For the West Campus Express Pick-Up Spot delivery option, tap the "Pick Up" icon on the top right of the screen in the Duke Dine-Out Mobile Ordering app and select "Pickup Spot" type (instead of "Pick Up" type).

We Accept

Credit Cards

Duke Dining Food Points/Flex

Duke Dining Meal Plan Equivalency for Duke students

Click here for a PDF of the Freeman Center Cafe Menu

Click here for a PDF of the Blue Devil Bagels Pop Up Menu


Freeman's Famous Matzo Ball Soup (Chicken or Vegetarian)

Hearty Tomato & Vegetable

Soup of the Week (Rotating Special): Butternut Squash, Tofu Bean Chili, Spicy Red Lentil, Moroccan Vegetable & Couscous Stew


Garden Salad (Large or Small)

Fattoush Salad

Israeli Salad

Santa Fe Salad

Hummus Plate

Quinoa & Roasted Veggies

Fresh Fruit Cup

Hot Fare

Chef's Weekly Special (Meat or Vegetarian)

Bourekas: Potato, Mushroom, or Spinach

Crispy Chicken Schnitzel & Fries

House-Made Latkes

House Cut French Fries

The Bubbe Special: Soup & Half Sandwich


Southwest Chicken Bowl

Israeli Grilled Salmon Bowl

Vegan Protein Bowl

Build Your Own Bowl


The Bubbe Special: Soup & Half Sandwich

Braised BBQ Brisket Sandwich

Marinated Grilled Portabella

Pastrami on Rye

Sabich Pita Sandwich

Veggie Wrap

Grilled or Cirspy Chicken Pita Sandwich

Turkey & Avocado Sandwich


Cafe Americano

Cafe Latte

Cafe Mocha

Cafee Macchiato

Cafe Cortado


Espresso (Single or Double Shot)


Single Espresso Shot

Flavor Shot (Caramel, Vanilla, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Warm Spice, Chocolate Sauce)


Vanilla Latte

Caramel Latte

Turtle Latte

Warm Spice Latte

Spiced Macchiato

Hot Chocolate


Hot Tea

Dr. Brown's Soda: Original Cream Soda, Diet Cream Soda, Black Cherry, or Root Beer



Babka (Chocolate or Cinnamon)

Jumbo Black & White Cookies

Freeman's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Rugelach

Blue Devil Bagels Pop Up 

The Works (lox bagel)

The Rabbi Elana (cream cheese and tomato bagel) 

Coach Sheyer's Pick (everything bagel with cream cheese) 

Rise and Shine (egg and cheese bagel) 

The Tuna (tuna salad bagel) 

Freeman's Famous Mac & Cheese

The Rainy Day (grilled cheese and tomato soup) 

The Sababa Plate (cheese bourekas, hard boiled egg, Israeli salad) 

The Halfsies (half order of mac & cheese with half a salad or fruit)

Did you know the Freeman Center Cafe is on the Duke Dining meal plan?

Students, use your Food Points/Flex to pay for your made-to-order lunch and dinners!

You can also use your Duke meal plan dinner equivalency from 4:30-7:30pm ($9.95 dinner equivalency).

Kashrut Policy

The Freeman Center Cafe operates under rabbinical supervision by Duke's Campus Rabbi, who serves as the Rav HaMachshir and mashgiach/mashgicha. The rabbi’s office is located in the same building as the dining facility. 

The following policies are adhered to at the Freeman Center Cafe to ensure kosher standards:

  • All meat is all Glatt Kosher.
  • All challah is Pas Yisroel. 
  • The facility has separate meat and dairy kitchens with clear markings, and only one kitchen at a time is permitted to be in operation.
  • All Duke Dining staff who enter or work in the Freeman Center kitchen undergo a three-hour Kashrut Training followed by a test on kosher policies and procedures. Staff then undergo a yearly one-hour refresher training followed by a test in order to re-certify.
  • All food items brought into the kitchen are hechshered. The rabbinic certification from the distributor of foods is kept on file in the kitchen office. 
  • The rabbi is the sole person who may light the pilot light for the stove/oven burners.
  • Dining staff check produce for bugs and insects.
  • The rabbi performs regular checks in the kitchen to ensure policies are followed. 
  • The rabbi is available for questions from dining staff regarding kosher dining procedures and policies.
  • Cooking is not permitted during Shabbat or yom tov holidays.
  • All prepared food that leaves the kitchen in to-go containers for sale elsewhere on campus is sealed with special tape indicating kosher status. 
  • In the dining hall, all dishes, utensils and food are kept on a tray or tablecloth, not directly on the table. Dairy and meat dishes (including trays) are not served or brought onto the tables at the same time.
  • Outside food is not permitted into the downstairs dining hall area while the dining facility is operating.
  • During the preparation and serving of meals from the kitchens, and for one hour afterward, outside foods are not permitted to be introduced into the dining room. Dairy foods are not permitted to be introduced into the dining room until three hours after the completion of a meat meal.
  • During the eight days of Passover, additional kosher guidelines are adhered to in order to meet the highest standards of Passover kashrut.

Students eat at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life both by purchasing meals using their Duke meal plans for weekday dining and enjoying Shabbat and festive holiday meals at no cost to them. 

Questions about kashrut can be directed to

Duke colleagues and event planners: Are you interested in ordering kosher meals to offer at your Duke University campus event?

The Freeman Center Café can provide:

  • Full-service catering
    • Streamline your catering by ordering your entire menu from the Freeman Center Café. Guests who don't keep kosher can also enjoy delicious kosher food.
    • Select from the Café menu or work with our chef to dream up a menu fit for the occasion.
  • Packaged and sealed kosher meals, boxed-lunch style, made fresh by the Freeman Center Café
    • For all or some of your guests. This is the most typical request. 
    • Select from the Café menu or work with our chef to dream up a menu fit for the occasion.
  • Pre-packaged and sealed kosher meals, certified by the Orthodox Union
    • This option is typically to provide a distinct number of kosher meals for guests who specifically request Orthodox Union-certified kosher food.
    • Choose from a selection of separate menu items.
  • Kosher-for-Passover Catering
    • During the week of Passover, kosher-for-Passover meals are also available for order. Note that kosher dietary needs during Passover are different than standard kosher needs.

Contact with your request, and the Freeman Center Café team will work with you to meet your event needs.

Thank you for considering the dietary needs of your Jewish guests as you plan your event!