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Kashrut Standards

Kashrut Policy

The Freeman Center Cafe operates under rabbinical supervision by Duke's Campus Rabbi, who serves as the Rav HaMachshir and mashgiach/mashgicha. The rabbi’s office is located in the same building as the dining facility. 

The following policies are adhered to at the Freeman Center Cafe to ensure kosher standards:

  • All meat is all Glatt Kosher.
  • The facility has separate meat and dairy kitchens with clear markings, and only one kitchen at a time is permitted to be in operation.
  • All Duke Dining staff who enter or work in the Freeman Center kitchen undergo a three-hour Kashrut Training followed by a test on kosher policies and procedures. Staff then undergo a yearly one-hour refresher training followed by a test in order to re-certify.
  • All food items brought into the kitchen are hechshered. The rabbinic certification from the distributor of foods is kept on file in the kitchen office. 
  • The rabbi is the sole person who may light the pilot light for the stove/oven burners.
  • Dining staff check produce for bugs and insects.
  • The rabbi performs regular checks in the kitchen to ensure policies are followed. 
  • The rabbi is available for questions from dining staff regarding kosher dining procedures and policies.
  • Cooking is not permitted during Shabbat or yom tov holidays.
  • All prepared food that leaves the kitchen in to-go containers for sale elsewhere on campus is sealed with special tape indicating kosher status. 
  • In the dining hall, all dishes, utensils and food are kept on a tray or tablecloth, not directly on the table. Dairy and meat dishes (including trays) are not served or brought onto the tables at the same time.
  • Outside food is not permitted into the downstairs dining hall area while the dining facility is operating.
  • During the preparation and serving of meals from the kitchens, and for one hour afterward, outside foods are not permitted to be introduced into the dining room. Dairy foods are not permitted to be introduced into the dining room until three hours after the completion of a meat meal.
  • During the eight days of Passover, additional kosher guidelines are adhered to in order to meet the highest standards of Passover kashrut.

Students eat at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life both by purchasing meals using their Duke meal plans for weekday dining and enjoying Shabbat and festive holiday meals at no cost to them. 

Questions about kashrut can be directed to