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Jewish Life at Duke Professional Staff

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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for Jewish Life at Duke University is comprised of alumni, parents and friends of Jewish Life at Duke who provide advice, assistance, and support to Jewish Life at Duke on campus and in their home communities.  If you are interested in learning more about the Advisory Board, please contact Joyce Gordon, Director for Jewish Life at Duke.

Current Members of the Advisory Board:

  • Jason Ader, T'92
  • Jason Black, T‘05 
  • Jordan Feiger, T'82
  • Isaac Finkle, P'25
  • Amanda Freeman, T‘98
  • Danyelle Freeman, T’96 and Josh Resnick
  • Heath Freeman, T’02 and Jane Hegleman Freeman
  • Marc Ganz, P'25
  • Karen J. Gottlieb, T'89, P'25
  • Andrea Greene, T’96
  • Andrew Hananel, T’01
  • Allison Jacobs, P'21, P'24, and Ken Jacobs, T’89, P’21, P’24
  • Sheree Levy, T’89, P’18, P'21
  • Laura Lieber, Faculty
  • Dana Goldsmith Needleman, T'94 (Chair)
  • Doreen Peykar, P’24
  • Melissa Roth, P’21, P’22, P’25
  • Ben Rubenstein-Spoont, T’07 and Carolyn Rubenstein-Spoont, T‘07
  • Matthew Schorr, T'14
  • Justin Segall, T‘05
  • Kim Leslie Shafer, P'25
  • Neil Steiner, T'94
  • Jeffrey Tabak, T’79, L’82, P’04, P’08 and Marilyn Tabak, T’79, P’04, P’08
  • Gregg Tenser, T‘89
  • Perry Wallack, T'21
  • Spencer Waxman, T’86, P’21, P'24
  • Elizabeth Winter, T‘03
  • Randy Wooster, B'85, P'25
  • Sara Beth Zivitz, T‘02


T = alumni of Duke's Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

P = parent of Duke student

L = alumni of Duke's School of Law

MD = alumni of Duke's School of Medicine

B = alumni of Duke's Fuqua School of Business