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Reproductive Justice Conference

2023 Reproductive Justice Conference

Passionate about reproductive justice? Concerned about the direction our country is heading in after the repeal of Roe v. Wade? Want to share your opinion and learn more about what other students are saying about reproductive rights and access? Join the Duke Women’s Center on Wednesday March 8, 2023 in Penn Pavilion for the 2023 Reproductive Justice Symposium. This event will feature several student-moderated panels of content-matter experts on reproductive justice topics, like the intersections of faith, identity, and reproductive rights, and biomedical advancements in reproductive healthcare and access. Dr. Megan Huchko of the Duke Global Health Institute is our keynote, with welcoming remarks from Dr. Neil Siegel of Duke Law. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to registered participants.

Flyer for the 2023 Duke Reproductive Justice Conference
on top of a dark blue background, bold white text reads "Duke Reproductive Justice Conference"; to the left of this text, a yellow box contains stylized black text reading "What's happening on your campus?"; below both of these sets of text, a purple rectangle covers the lower portion of the image; on top of that rectangle, serif white text reads "Join us for a day of discussion about how reproductive justice has changed over time and what activism looks like on Duke's campus. Register at Food will be provided to registrants"; below this block of text is a stylized purple W in the logo of the Women's Center with thin white text to the left that reads "Wednesday March 8 2023, 8:30am-1pm, Penn Pavilion"; far left image has two square pictures of smiling light skinned people, top right is a woman with blonde hair, bottom left is man with a dark suit on; surrounding them is black text in a yellow box reading "Keynote speaker Dr. Megan Huchko Duke Global Health Institute with welcome remarks from Dr. Neil Siegel Duke Law"; at the bottom corner of the image a black and white QR code is placed next to bold serif white text reading "Scan to Register"