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2024 Campus Culture Survey

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Help us make Duke more inclusive and equitable!

On January 29th, Duke students, faculty, and staff each received a unique link to the 2024 Campus Culture Survey. This initiative is a critical resource for ensuring that Duke lives up to its goals of fostering a campus community where every Blue Devil feels valued and supported.

Logo for the Duke Campus Culture Survey. Gray outline of the classic Duke arch. Superimposed white text on a blue and orange background, reading: "Duke Campus Culture Survey."

By spending 15-20 minutes of your time completing this year’s survey, you can help shape the future of Duke for years to come. Survey responses are due February 16th. If you don’t see a link in your inbox, check your spam folder!

Implemented in 2021

First announced in President Price’s 2020 Juneteenth message, the initial Campus Culture Survey aimed to understand how members of underrepresented groups experience a very different Duke. At the time, it was the most comprehensive survey that Duke had ever executed on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Over 13,000 staff, faculty, and students participated, enabling Duke to pinpoint areas needing attention and prioritize actions towards a more equitable community. A summary of those findings can be found here.

Measuring our progress

The initial survey provided us with a baseline, documenting our starting point. The changes and initiatives we have undertaken since 2021 – including the implementation of the LIFE Steering Committee, the creation of the Duke Ombuds Office, and increased support for Heritage Months through the ICCs – demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement.

Following the first Culture Survey, Duke developed and convened the Student Affairs Racial Equity and Advisory Council (REAC) to provide guidance, innovative solutions, and progress reports. One of the first initiatives we implemented was the Foundations of Equity Orientation Program. This online module is now taken by all new students and must be completed before starting Duke. It covers topics of identity, intersectionality, and gives students a common DEI language.

Last month, our Staff Resource Office also launched the first two pilot Employee Resource Groups (ERG) alongside the kickoff of our Learning & Development Spring workshop series. These programs are designed to offer our staff a sense of belonging and support as well as opportunities for mentorship, networking, and professional development. 

Help us determine our next steps

There is more work to be done, and your insights are crucial to guiding our efforts. By administering the Campus Culture Survey every three years, we can evaluate what’s working, and what still needs to change.

As you complete the survey, you’ll answer questions about your experiences at Duke. We invite you to share your thoughts about our efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination, provide equitable opportunities for underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, promote a constructive environment for free expression, and more.

Participation is voluntary, and you can answer as many or as few questions as you want. While the survey link is unique to you, the results are confidential and will only be shared in aggregate. No individually identifiable results will ever be published.

Your voice matters

By participating in the 2024 Campus Culture Survey, you ensure that your experiences contribute to shaping a Duke that is truly inclusive, living up to our ideals as we enter our second century.

Search your inbox for the survey link (subject line: “Invitation to Participate in Duke’s Campus Culture Survey”). In just 15-20 minutes, you can help us build a more vibrant, equitable, and welcoming community.

Thank you for your partnership and dedication to improving Duke! Together, we can foster a campus culture that reflects the values and diversity of us all.