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Class of 2026 Move in Day FAQs

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When is my move-in time?

  • 8am-10am – Trinity, Pegram, East  
  • 10am-12pm – Gilbert-Addoms, Randolph, Giles 
  • 12pm-2pm – Bell Tower, Brown, Southgate, Wilson  
  • 2pm-4pm – Bassett, Blackwell, Alspaugh  

When can I expect more information about move-in day?

Move-In Day is one of the most exciting days of the year at Duke and we want you to be prepared. The Office of New Student and Family Programs (NSFP) will continue to update this FAQ sheet and provide more specific details as Move-In Day approaches using our Weekly First-Year Digests and Family Newsletters. On August 10th, NSFP will host a webinar specifically about Move-In Day to answer all of your questions. You can register here.

Additionally, students should expect an email from Housing and Residence Life in August that will provide more dorm specific information about the student’s move-in process (including directions to the dorm-specific entry point for East Campus, directions to the Science Drive Parking Lot, and the required parking placard to be displayed at all time on Move-In Day).

What other events are happening on Move-In Day that I should know about?

Students’ focus for Move-In Day should be unpacking and getting settled into your new space. Durham has many stores if you need to purchase other things for your space. Lunch options include off-campus recommendations on 9th street and The Marketplace on East Campus will be available for purchase. Other resources that will be available include banks, technological services, registering to vote, linen pick-ups, and others. The Family Farewell (see below) then begins at 5pm and lasts until 9pm and will take on West Campus.

What if I cannot make my Move-In window?

Students must move in during their assigned time. Students and families cannot move in before their dorm’s scheduled move-in, as our staff will be focused on other dorms during that time. Likewise, if you arrive after the scheduled move-in window, we cannot provide easy access to your dorm due to the traffic flow of East Campus, nor will our staff be on hand to provide the support necessary to help with your move-in.  East Campus will re-open at 5pm should a student miss their move-in window.  

Can we bring multiple cars?

Due to the extremely limited space on East Campus, only one car will be allowed on East Campus to assist with the student’s move-in during the assigned window. The parking placard, which students will receive from HRL in August, will need to be displayed at all times on East Campus.

East Campus will re-open at 5pm should a student/family need to drop off additional supplies at their dorm later in the evening. No additional move-in assistance will be available during this time.

What should I expect to receive at Brodie Gym?

All essential items for students’ life at Duke will be provided in Brodie Gym during your check-in. Please make sure you visit Brodie to receive the following from our campus partners:

  • Student Wellness
    • When you enter Brodie Gym, you will receive a “Welcome Wellness Kit.”
  • Housing & Residence Life (HRL)
    • You will receive your room key and any additional information from HRL.
  • DukeCard
    • Make sure to submit your DukeCard photo before August 15 and you will receive a physical copy of your DukeCard. Click here to read more on the photo specifications and submit your photo. Your Duke Card is critical to eating on campus and access to campus building. Please make sure you submit this photo in advance so you can have your DukeCard on day one of your Duke experience!
  • Student Health
    • You will receive a QR code to check your immunization requirement status. If you have any missing information or have any questions, this will be the opportunity to speak with Student Health. Remember that by North Carolina state law all Duke students must be in compliance regarding immunizations within 30 days of the start of classes.
  • Duke Office of Information Technology (OIT)
    • If you ordered a laptop, OIT will assist you with set-up.
  • Experiential Orientation
    • Check-in with your specific Experiential Orientation program and receive swag!
  • Duke Dining
    • Duke Dining will be on site to answer any food allergen concerns on campus.  There will also be tours available of the Marketplace at 10am and 2pm.

What is the Family Farewell?

Starting at 5pm, all families and students will be encouraged to ride the Duke Bus over to West Campus for the Family Farewell Celebration, which will kick off with dinner outside on the Abele Quad. Families will then make their way over to Wallace Wade Stadium to pick up their personalized Duke Football jerseys and then inside Cameron Indoor Stadium for a welcome! At 8pm, families will be invited to a drinks and dessert social, while students are introduced to their orientation groups. (Orientation begins this evening, and it’s strongly encouraged for families to say their goodbyes during this Family Farewell event, and to head home the next day).