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Class of 2027 Move-In Day FAQ

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Please note NSFP will update this FAQ as needed in the days leading up to Move-In Day.

General Questions:

When is my move-in time?

  • 8am-10am – Southgate, Trinity, Wilson, Brown
  • 10am-12pm – Gilbert-Addoms, Belltower, Pegram, Giles, Bassett
  • 12pm-2pm – Blackwell, Randolph, West, Alspaugh

What steps do I take when I arrive?

  • Families will arrive at their scheduled time.
  • Volunteers will help unload your car. A family member needs to stay at the car at all times.
  • After unloading, the family must move the car immediately to the Science Drive Garage on West Campus (a shuttle will bring you back to East Campus).
  • The student must go to Brodie Gym for their essential items (including room keys).
  • The student/family can begin to unpack, settle in, and make other necessary stops around campus.

What is the schedule for the rest of the day?

  • Duke has planned an extraordinary move-in day experience for all families. After moving-in, we invite you to join us for the following events:
    • Dinner on the Quad from 4pm-7pm in front of the Duke Chapel. Join us for a feast of southern favorites including chicken, BBQ, and all the ‘fixins (side dishes). Dietary accommodations will be provided. This is a time to relax with your family, appreciate the fact that you’ve arrived at Duke, and soak in the scenery of West Campus.Class of 2027 Customized Jersey Distribution from 5pm-7pm at Wallace Wade Stadium. Drop by Wallace Wade Stadium to pick up your gift from Duke Athletics- a customized class of 2027 Duke Football Jersey. Join them for a dessert, games, and catching a glimpse of the stadium before Duke’s home opener against Clemson!
    • Family Farewell at 7:30pm in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Head into historic Cameron Indoor Stadium for a celebration of the Class of 2027 and a Family Farewell. Families should plan to say farewell before entering Cameron Indoor Stadium, as students will depart during the program for their House Socials. We invite families to join us afterwards for a family reception in the Hall of Honor on the concourse of Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Am I allowed to arrive early?

  • Our Move-In Day windows are scheduled based on the restricted traffic flow on East Campus and the volume of cars that can be on East Campus at any given point. For that reason, we will not accommodate anyone arriving early. Likewise, each Residence Hall will be locked until the respective time, and students will not be able to access their room keys until their respective times. We have hundreds of volunteers on campus to support you and help unload your vehicle during your respective move-in window. In order to accommodate the 1,750 students moving in, we ask that you only come to East Campus during your two-hour window.

Can I arrive late to move-in?

  • East Campus will reopen to traffic at 3:30pm on Move-In Day. If you miss your window, you will not be able to access East Campus until 3:30pm. Keep in mind, no volunteers will be there to support you after your scheduled move-in window either and Brodie Gym will close at 3:30pm. (Brodie Gym is where you will receive your essential items.)

Will a schedule and map be available on Move-In Day?

  • Yes-we will provide a QR Code at Brodie Gym that will include a link to the schedule and map.

Traffic/Parking Questions:

Can we bring multiple cars?

  • Due to the extremely limited space on East Campus, only one car will be allowed on East Campus to assist with the student’s move-in during the assigned window. The parking placard, which students will receive from HRL in August, will need to be displayed at all times on East Campus. East Campus will re-open at 3:30pm should a student/family need to drop off additional supplies at their dorm later in the evening. No additional move-in assistance will be available during this time.

Where do I park my car?

  • Parking is available at the Science Drive Garage on West Campus. A map to this location was included with the move-in information you received in late July. Continuous shuttles will run from East Campus to Science Drive Garage and back until 5pm. East Campus will reopen to traffic and limited parking at 3:30pm.

How do I get around Campus?

  • Duke has two campuses: East and West. East Campus is where students will live in their first year and where you’ll be unloading their items at move-in. West Campus is where you’ll park for the remainder of the day and where the evening events will be hosted.
  • Duke will have two continuous bus routes running throughout Move-In Day.
    • The C1 (Duke’s East-West) Bus Route will operate continuously throughout the day. You will use this bus to go from East Campus to the Dinner on the Quad/Family Farewell.
    • The East-SDG Bus Route will provide transportation between East Campus and the parking garage where you parked. The SDG loop will stop by West Campus on its return in case families need to go directly to West Campus from the parking garage. The East Campus-SDG loop will run continuously until 5pm.

What else do I need to do on Move-In Day?

Is Brodie Gym required?

  • Yes- Brodie Gym is required for all first-year students. Brodie Gym will be open during each of the Move-In Windows, and volunteers will stay until 3:30pm to answer any questions. The following offices will be present in Brodie.
    • Student Wellness
      • When you enter Brodie Gym, you will receive a “Welcome Wellness Kit.”
    • Housing & Residence Life (HRL)
      • You will receive your room key and any additional information from HRL.
    • DukeCard
      • Make sure to submit your DukeCard photo before move-in day on August 19 and you will receive a physical copy of your DukeCard. Click here to read more on the photo specifications and submit your photo. Your Duke Card is critical to eating on campus and access to campus building. Please make sure you submit this photo in advance so you can have your DukeCard on day one of your Duke experience!
    • Duke Mailbox Keys
    • Experiential Orientation
      • Check-in with your specific Experiential Orientation program, confirm your signed waiver, and receive swag!
    • Duke Office of Information Technology (OIT)
      • If you ordered a laptop, OIT will assist you with set up.

What else is on East Campus?

  • There will be a hospitality tent that includes an information desk, emergency services, banks, laundrymen services, and more vendors.
  • Duke Campus Mail will have a temporary package pick-up location at the Crowell Building. Students must pick up their own packages.
  • The Marketplace is our East Campus dining hall which will have breakfast and lunch available for purchase.
  • Any linens that were purchased from Duke Stores and their vendors will be available in the Classroom Building.

Where can I receive my immunizations?

  • If you are a student that is out of compliance with your immunizations, you will need to see Student Health to receive those immunizations or submit your forms. Student Health will be located in Penn Pavilion on Thursday August 17-Friday, August 18 from 9am-3pm. (No appointment is necessary, but have your Duke Unique ID# ready.) On Saturday, August 19, Student Health will be in Penn Pavilion from 11am-5:30pm by appointment only. You may sign up here for appointments.
  • It is North Carolina State Law that all university students be in compliance. Failure to meet this compliance can result in being unenrolled at Duke.

Is there anything scheduled for parents/families after Move-In Day?

  • The Move-In Day Schedule is our only scheduled event for parents/families. Over the course of the summer, we offered webinars for families to learn more about their student’s upcoming experience.
  • Please note that families should plan to say farewell before entering Cameron Indoor Stadium for the Family Farewell at 7:30pm. After this event, students will be busy with their orientation programs. We invite families to join us for a brief reception after the Family Farewell before departing campus. You’ve done a great job, family! We’ll see you at Family Weekend in November.