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Diversify Your Plate

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Duke Dining and Nutrition Services have created a nutrition education program called Diversify Your Plate. This is an extension of our current Balance Your Plate program which aims to educate students about how to enjoy a balanced meal. 

Diversify Your Plate takes this program a step further providing information and examples on the health benefits and taste of culturally diverse balanced meals.  Our goal is to encourage students to learn, experience, and understand the benefits of culturally diverse cuisines. Balanced Eating….  is a global thing!

This year we have focused on different cultural cuisine types, offering examples of how to create a balanced plate for each culture cuisine type including a Latin American plate, a Native American plate, and an African plate, and this month we are featuring examples of East Asia, South Asia, Asian American, and Pacific Islander plates.

Please see below for the menus:

Wednesday, 4/19
Marketplace: 5pm-9pm
Brodhead Center: 11am-9pm

served at Durham Market
Asian American and Pacific Islander Plates
Chicken Char Siu
Hawaiian Barbecue Flank Steak
Carved Hawaiian Barbecued Pork Butt with Pineapple/Apple Jicama Slaw
Hawaiian Pineapple Fried Rice
Island Grilled Vegetables
Island Yam Bake
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

East Asian Plate
Yubi Sushi and Edamame

Ginger and Soy:
Pacific Islander Plate
Poke Bowls

South Asian Plate
Chicken Biryani served with Rice