Diversify Your Plate

Diversify Your Plate

Duke Dining and Nutrition Services have created a nutrition education program called Diversify Your Plate. This is an extension of our current Balance Your Plate program which aims to educate students about how to enjoy a balanced meal. 

Diversify Your Plate takes this program a step further providing information and examples on the health benefits and taste of culturally diverse balanced meals.  Our goal is to encourage students to learn, experience, and understand the benefits of culturally diverse cuisines. Balanced Eating….  is a global thing!

This semester we are focusing on four different cultural cuisine types at Marketplace and will offer a variety of foods that focus on each cuisine type. Here are the cultural cuisine types that will be highlighted this semester:

3/22: Latin America
3/29: South Asian
4/5: African Heritage
4/12: East Asian

Please see below for the menus:


Served at Durham Market

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo – Mexico
shrimp in spicy garlic gravy

Galinhada  – Brazil
Brazilian chicken and saffron rice

Tostones – Puerto Rico
oven-fried green plantains with mojo verde dipping sauce

Batata y Coco – Dominican Republic
sweet potato and coconut

Elote – Mexico
Mexican street corn

Green bean Saltado – Peru
spicy seasoned green beans

Served at Harvest 

Seitan Ropa Vieja
stewed seitan ribbons with onions and peppers

Pastel de Alcachofa – Peru
artichoke tart

Served at Baker’s Table

Tres leches Rice Pudding
Colombian rice pudding

Churros – Mexico
apple and caramel


Served at Durham Market

Butter Chicken – India

Nepalese Curried BBQ lamb – Nepal

Kadoo Bourani – Afghanistan
butternut squash curry

Dal Makhani – India
spicy lentils

Khatte Aloo – Pakistan
spicy potatoes

Vegetable Bhaji – Bangladesh
cauliflower, cabbage, carrot

Served at Harvest

Chana Masala – India
savory chickpeas

Bhindi – India
fried okra tossed with masala

Served at Baker’s Table

Seviyan – Sheer Khurma – Pakistan

Vermicelli pudding with dates, dried fruit


Served at Durham Market

Piri Piri chicken – Mozambique
spicy chili chicken

Harissa Lamb – Morocco
spicy marinated roasted lamb

Saffron Couscous – North Africa

Jollof Rice – Nigeria

Ful Medames – Egypt
fava beans

Chakalaka – South Africa
spicy vegetable medley

Served at Harvest

Harira – Morocco
spicy tomato chickpea stew

Vegetable Tagine – Morroco
hearty vegetable stew

Served at Baker’s Table

Nthochi – Malawi
banana bread

Sombi – Senegal
sweet coconut milk rice pudding


Served at Durham Market

Hoi Ko Ro – Japan
twice cooked pork with fermented black beans

Drunken Chicken – Taiwan

Bibimbap – Korea
rice and vegetable medley

Banchan Gamja Jorim -Korea
Korean potatoes with honey soy and sesame

Stir-Fried Eggplant with Basil – Taiwan

Gai Lin with Oyster Sauce – China
Chinese broccoli

Served at Harvest

Ma Po Tofu – China ( Sichuan region)
vegetarian tofu with fermented beans

Served at Baker’s table

Chinese Egg Tarts

Mini Egg Custard Tarts