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First Year House Council Elections Coming Soon!

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Residential Student Leadership consists of House Councils on East Campus and Quad Councils on West Campus and Swift Campus. QuadEx recognizes that buildings alone cannot forge community or provide the opportunities that students have been asking for and deserve. Each House Council on East Campus and Quad Council on West and Swift will develop its own identity, traditions, and events, which will be student-driven, supported by university resources, and available to all members. Students have the opportunity to get involved, exercise and enhance their leadership skills and provide opportunities to develop community!

As a Duke student leader, you have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the quality of life on campus. You and the students to whom you represent, are challenged to create “happenings” that enhance the academic experience. As Michelangelo once said, “Still I am learning.” The upcoming year will inevitably present many exciting and positive challenges that will hopefully provide an abundance of adventures for learning.

Throughout these adventures, it is important to help group members feel a sense of belonging and shared commitment to the group. As leaders, it is imperative to maintain open communication with the members and have confidence in each individual’s ability to contribute.

First-Year House Councils are elected in early Fall a few weeks after students participate in one of Duke’s immersive orientation programs. Each East Campus residence hall elects a slate of student leaders who plan events for the house, make decisions about using house funds, and serve as an advocacy group to give voice to first-year student issues. The elected Vice-President from each house will serve on the East Campus Council (ECC). ECC has the mission of building community within the first-year class. This is accomplished through facilitating campus-wide events and acting as a liaison between the class leadership and the house community. ECC also serves as the Class Council for each first-year class.