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Authorization to Release Information Form

In order for the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards (OSCCS) at Duke University to have permission to release information concerning any student’s disciplinary record to either themselves (via appointment only), an institution, or any other third party, please fill out the authorization to release form.The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards at Duke University will only provide requested Dean's Certifications (also known as disciplinary history forms) directly to all institutions and any other third party. When the Authorization to Release Information form is completed, the student needs to email the form to

If any current/former Duke undergraduate student needs their Dean's Certification form sent to a third-party, the student is responsible for providing the appropriate link and instructions to upload their Dean's Certification with the signed authorization form via email to  

Duke Undergraduate Reporting Policy

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSSCS) at Duke University will report any disciplinary action taken against a student that results in a finding of "responsible" for a Duke University policy violation that includes an assigned status sanction of Disciplinary Probation or greater. Disciplinary records are reportable until a student graduates from Duke or eight years from the date of a student's matriculation, whichever occurs first, except for records related to suspensions and expulsions. Records related to suspensions (temporary dismissal from Duke) and expulsions (permanent dismissal from Duke) are maintained indefinitely and are also permanently noted on a student's transcript.