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Gender Violence Prevention

Current Prevention Efforts

Please contact us at or via this form to request a training. We are excited to offer a diverse array of programming for students:

  1. Intro to GVPI
    • This session will provide information on addressing sexual misconduct at Duke. The presentation will cover policies, prohibited conduct, processes, consent, incapacitation, confidential and non-confidential resources, supportive measures, prevention efforts, reporting, filing a formal complaint, and options for resolution, including adaptable resolution.

  2. 10 Signs Healthy Relationship Education (with the One Love Foundation)
    • The 10 Signs Healthy Relationship Training program teaches students to recognize the warning signs of relationship abuse. It also covers consent and boundary setting, how to help a friend or exit an unhealthy situation, and how to seek and cultivate healthy relationships. 

  3. Bystander Intervention Training
    • Bystander Intervention Training empowers students with strategies to help others exit bad situations. The training will cover consent and boundary setting, common danger signals, and the four “Ds” of bystander intervention: Direct, Distract, Delegate, and Delay. 

  4. Safer Social Spaces Training
    • Safer Spaces Training is designed for students who are hoping to create or attend safer social gatherings. This training aims to raise awareness about risk factors relating to incidents of gender violence, such as venue, alcohol, transportation, lighting, music, etc. Students will learn how to be mindful in planning or attending social experiences.

  5. Custom Workshops
    • We are happy to work with you to create a customized training session for your group. Individual staff members can also talk to student groups about their work and/or area of expertise.

Again, please contact or submit this form to arrange a workshop or session. Not sure where to start? We will work with you to determine what's best for you or your group. 

Incoming students begin engaging with Duke's sexual  misconduct prevention trainings before arriving on campus, and prevention education continues into Orientation Week.

  1. All incoming undergraduate and graduate students are required to complete an online course: Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAPU) or Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates (SAPG). These evidence-based trainings also discuss decisions regarding sexual activity and sexual assault. You can find more information about SAPU and SAPG, including Duke's publishable data, here.
  2. Orientation Week programming includes targeted sessions to provide additional prevention modules and information about Duke's policies and resources. These are typically hosted by GVPI representatives or other trained facilitators.
  3. All Orientation Week student leaders, including Project Directors (PDs) and Orientation Leaders (OLs) receive specialized training sessions on healthy relationship education, sexual assault prevention, and small group facilitation.

Please note that Orientation Week was restructured in 2022. Duke is committed to centering prevention education in its curricula and is actively re-evaluating O-Week programming to improve it for future students. We welcome student feedback (please see "Student Input and Transparency" below). 

In addition to NCAA-required training modules, first-year student-athletes participate in a One Love healthy relationships workshop facilitated by upperclassmen ACTION leaders. For more information, please reach out to Leslie Barnes and/or the Balthrop-Cassidy Fellows. 

All affiliated Greek Life organizations and Living Learning Communities participate in sexual misconduct prevention trainings.

All Duke students, regardless of their affiliation with a Greek or LLC, are responsible for abiding by Duke's policies. GVPI resources are also available to all Duke students.

GVPI is proud to collaborate with campus partners to provide support, trainings, and/or resources relating to healthy relationships, sexual misconduct, and/or gender-based violence. 

Past partnerships include, but are not limited to:

  • Sophomore Circle with The Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture
  • Healthy Relationship education with The Center for Multicultural Affairs
  • (Spring '23) Conversation series with The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, in conjunction with Blue Devils United and SHAPE

We are happy to collaborate with student organizations who are interested in this work. Please see the Get Involved page for more information, and send us an email if you don't see your group represented. Students may also follow our DukeGroups calendar to stay notified of any upcoming events or public meetings. 

One of the easiest ways to get involved in Duke's GVPI work is to join the Sexual Assault Impact and Listening Committee (SAIL), a student-administrator committee geared toward increasing transparency and soliciting student feedback. This committee is chaired by V.P. Mary Pat McMahon and V.P. Kim Hewitt. Please contact Corey Pilson ( if you would like to get involved. 

Students are welcome to follow our DukeGroups Calendar to stay notified of any upcoming events and/or public meetings.

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Duke LiveSafe is a free mobile app that offers real-time, two-way communication between Duke community members and the Duke University Police Department. Features quick call access, 24/7 tip submission, Safe Walk tracking, and other resources to help you in an emergency situation, even without a cell signal.

Learn how to download and use the LiveSafe app

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