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Graduate Professional Day Trip – Day at the Museum

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Graduate Professional Day Trip – Day at the Museum

As an extension to our Summer Transition Series webinar programs, we are excited to announce three immersive and in-person day trips!

Trips are designed:

  • For first-year incoming Graduate and Professional students and their families to Duke University.
  • To foster a sense of belonging for graduate and professional students with Duke University in addition to unique academic programs.
  • To facilitate a pathway for students to build interdepartmental connections with other graduate and professional students at Duke.

Join us for “A Day at the Museum” at the Museum of Life and Science! This is a wonderful opportunity for students, families, kids and faculty/staff members to come together and explore the captivating exhibits and attractions of the museum. From interactive displays, butterfly hall, wildlife trails to fascinating train rides, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this memorable experience!

Why join us:

  • Discover the wonders of science and nature through educational trails and wildlife exhibits.
  • Connect with interdepartmental fellow students, families, and faculty/staff members in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.
  • Experience the thrill of private museum train rides.
  • Enjoy a delightful brunch and engage in fun lawn games.

Tentative Itinerary:

10:00 AM – Arrival and Admission – Participants should arrive at 10 AM for admission to the museum. Museum admission is valid until closing, allowing ample time to explore the exhibits at your own pace.

10:00 AM – Brunch and Lawn Games – Join us at the special events tent outside the butterfly garden for a delicious brunch and engage in friendly competition games.

10:30 AM – Welcome Address – GPSS staff and student program directors will deliver a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the stage for an enjoyable experience.

11:00 AM – Private Museum Train Rides – Embark on a fascinating journey aboard the museum’s private train rides, allowing you to explore the museum from a unique perspective. After the train rides, guests are free to visit the museum exhibits until closing, immersing themselves in the wonders of science and nature.

Additional Information:

  • Registration for the event will open in early August. Be sure to secure your spot early as there are limited student and family spots available.
  • Grad/prof faculty/staff members are kindly requested to join us for brunch at 10 AM. We anticipate the presence of approximately 10+ faculty/staff members.
  • Grad/prof schools are encouraged to extend invitations to spouses, families, and leaders of partner-related student organizations.
  • Please note that museum admission is valid until closing, allowing participants to explore the exhibits at their leisure.
  • Participants should plan their arrival for 10 AM to ensure admission to the museum.

Communication Timeline:

  • Monday, August 28: Registration deadline
  • Wednesday, August 30: Confirmation and waitlist information is sent to students
  • Thursday, September 7: Final event details and final logistics for event are emailed
  • Saturday, September 9: A Day at the Museum event!

Join us for a delightful day of exploration, learning, and connection at the Museum of Life and Science. We look forward to creating lasting memories with you and your family.