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Experiential Orientation Student Leadership

Logistics Committee

The Orientation Logistics Committee provides critical student feedback, leadership, and direction to New Student and Family Programs (NSFP) as they implement Experiential Orientation. Logistics members will serve as advocates for the Orientation Week at-large and amplify the student voice and experience. The Logistics Committee will operate as extensions of New Student and Family Programs during Orientation Week and colleagues to student leaders within each Experiential Orientation Project. The Logistics Committee will be led by the Orientation Co-Chairs. 

Logistics will operate in sub-committees where work could include but not be limited to:

Curriculum Development Coordinator(s) 

  • Mandatory Duke Sessions 
  • Orientation Leader (Small Group) Conversations 

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator(s) 

  • Promotion of Projects over the summer 
  • Online engagement over the summer with new students 
  • 30 Days to Duke content 
  • Content collection during Orientation Training and Orientation Week 

Food Coordinator(s) 

  • Generating on- and off-campus dining logistics 
  • Speaking with Durham vendors over the summer 
  • Assisting Projects with food organization during Orientation Week 

Transportation Coordinator(s) 

  • Serving as the point of contact for transportation needs 
  • Creating the master document of transportation needs for all projects 

Additionally, other Logistic Committee Members’ duties could include but not be limited to: 

  • Support the Orientation Leader (OL) recruitment and selection process 
  • Serve on the Orientation Board and attending monthly meetings and the Spring 
  • Meet with Project Directors (PDs) in the Spring/Summer to review plans within their area of expertise 
  • Assist and plan summer trainings with the Orientation Co-Chairs 
  • Assist with Move-In Day 
  • Serve as an Orientation content schedule expert and connect with PDs throughout 
    the week to support 
  • Support New Student Convocation