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Transfer Students

Students socialize and study during a beautiful February afternoon on Duke’s Abele Quad.

Welcome to Duke!

Experiential Orientation is an incredible weeklong immersion that gives new-to-Duke students the opportunity to dive into an engaging experience that builds community and fosters a sense of belonging around a shared interest. Combining experiential and immersive education with thoughtful team-building, engaging excursions, ​leadership development, and campus and community tours, this orientation model promises to be an incredible introduction to the Duke community.

Project Transfer:

Project Transfer serves as the introductory experience for all new transfer students. This Project doesn’t aim to cover the typical college orientation students receive as first-year students.  Instead, it aspires to familiarize students with the common cultural experiences at Duke that returning students are expected to know, in addition to providing participants with valuable connections to faculty, staff, and most importantly, fellow peers. Through a whole slate of activities, Project Transfer’s goal is to ensure students leave orientation with strong ties to the transfer cohort and a firm academic and social foundation for the coming semester. Project Transfer wants to help members of Duke’s newest community make the most of campus’s near-limitless opportunities.