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Duke University and Student Affairs are committed to supporting our military-affiliated students, their families, and their dependents. Below you will find information about peer-to-peer networking opportunities; additional information about faculty and staff who are interested in connecting and supporting military-affiliated veterans; current student profiles; and information about the Duke Veteran Alumni Network.

Student Groups & Networking Opportunities

The following initiatives include peer-to-peer networking opportunities across Duke and beyond.

Duke Alumni Network

Our military-affiliated graduates are invited to join the Duke Military Alumni Network. The Duke Military Alumni Network is an affinity group where students can connect, engage with each other, and continue building their Duke and military-affiliated network even after they physically leave Duke. 

  1. Visit
  2. Either Create your Duke OneLink account OR click on "Register/Sign In" if you have already created your OneLink account.
    • * Please note: In order to update your profile, join the Duke Military Alumni Network, and access the alumni directory, you need to create/sign in with your OneLink account.
  3. In the navy blue header, select "Groups" and then "Affinity Groups."
  4. Click "Duke Military Alumni Network."
  5. Click the "Join Group" button.
  6. Congratulations! You are now a member of the Duke Military Alumni Network affinity group!

The Office of Student Veterans provides various educational resources for students, staff, faculty, and community members. These tools provide an overview of military experience, culture, and potential needs. We acknowledge that the information provided is not comprehensive nor does it speak to the experience of every member of the Armed Forces and family. To best understand the experiences of military personnel and their families, we encourage building relationships with Service members and Veterans.

Veterans Affairs Military Cultural Awareness Training

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs put together training resources for educators, health professionals, and care givers to better equip persons for working with Veterans and Service members. These trainings have been accredited and are free. Click here to create an account and explore one of the four training modules.

For more on the efficacy of these trainings, read this article on “Military Cultural Awareness.”

Members of the Dean of Students Office at Duke University provide a traveling 'roadshow' that is designed to provide general awareness of the military affiliated community, Duke history with the Department of Defense, and current services provided to support our military affiliated students. Typically, we provide a student panel discussion, complete with Q&A once the formal presentation is completed.

If you are a Duke University staff or faculty member and interested in receiving an in-person military culture training, please email our office at and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Jobs within the Armed Services are classified by unique codes designated by numbers and letters. These codes vary by branch of service. A quick reference of occupational codes for all service branches can be found here

Military Rank

To assist civilians in translating Military Rank, we have linked a Military Rank Chart for all Service Branches.   

Green Zone Training

“Green Zones” are military spaces determined to be safe. The goal of Green Zone trainings, therefore, is to educate university personnel on military experiences, potential issues facing Student Veterans, and available resources to Service members on and off campus so Duke staff and faculty can serve as allies to military-affiliated students. These trainings occur at institutions of higher learning throughout the United States.

While we do not currently offer Green Zone Training at Duke for staff and faculty, UNC Chapel Hill hosts frequent Green Zone Trainings. Check their website for upcoming dates, registration forms, and location.