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Been Here, Still Here: Enhancing Campus Competency on Muslims & Islamophobia

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Over the last 4 months, the Center for Muslim Life (CML) has facilitated five sessions of our training entitled, “Been Here, Still Here: History of Muslims and Islamophobia in the United States,” a two-hour interactive workshop that provides an introductory examination of the history and presence of Muslims and Islamophobia in the U.S. The goal of the training is to increase awareness of the impact of Islamophobia and of the diversity of the Muslim community at Duke and beyond. The workshop includes four modules focused on defining fundamental concepts related to Islam, examining the history of Muslims in the U.S, defining and recognizing Islamophobia, and addressing Islamophobia by building inclusive campus spaces. After the training, attendees can 1) recognize stereotypes of Muslims and understand the diversity of racial backgrounds, practices, and experiences of US Muslims; 2) understand the critical role Islam and Muslims have played in the history of the US; and 3) identify the language and rhetoric of Islamophobia and grasp its effects on US Muslims. 

The CML regularly provides educational training opportunities for the Duke community. Since Fall 2024, we have facilitated our workshops both to the general Duke faculty and staff population as well as to specific departments like the Fuqua School of Business, Nicholas School for the Environment, Trinity and Pratt academic deans, and Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment, & Sustainability. Across all five trainings, over 100 faculty and staff have completed the workshop. When asked to provide their biggest takeaway from the training, one participant wrote, “There is much more diversity within the Muslim community than I realized” and another explained, “It was very helpful understanding the roots of the American Muslim community. There were things I had never heard before. Also looking at the similarities of Abrahamic roots amongst Islam and other religions was enlightening.” Of the training’s structure and facilitation, one participant wrote, “Really enjoyed the presentation and how the topic is so much more than can be fit in 2 hours so the provided resources are wonderful. Y’all were so concise and clear as presenters while also engaging and it made the time go by quick!” 

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About the Center for Muslim Life at Duke

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The Center for Muslim Life (CML) is the home for all things Muslim life on Duke’s campus. Guided by a mission to help bridge the faith and values of Muslim students with their Duke education, the CML creates an environment for Muslims to flourish by enriching understandings of Islam through meaningful engagement with students, faculty, staff and alumni. We are committed to enriching the lives of Muslim students and the whole campus through events and activities that cater to the spiritual, social, and intellectual needs of Duke students. Whether you were born or raised Muslim, interested in or new to Islam, or know nothing at all, we are a home away from home for all who want to engage with and be a part of the Muslim community at Duke.
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