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It's Thyme:

Currently, It's Thyme is operating in The Chef's Kitchen, offering made-to-order bowls with simple and fresh whole foods.

Hours: Monday-Friday

Cooking Classes:
Get Cooking

Get Cooking is a culinary essentials cooking class that can provide you with the hands-on foundation of knowledge and skills needed to be confident in cooking meals and entertaining on your own. In this course, you’ll develop knowledge of culinary methods techniques and the basics of cooking.

This course is a five-consecutive week class and will cover cooking topics including kitchen safety, knife skills, flavor profiling, meal composition, stocks, soup, and sauce making. You will also learn and use a variety of dry and moist-heat cooking methods with an emphasis on healthy approaches to preparing meals.

Students may register for this class here.

About the Instructor:
John Eisensmith
John’s love of food began watching his grandfather cook meals at their family’s farm in Virginia. In high school, he started his professional cooking career at a local diner in his hometown of York Haven, Pennsylvania before attending The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. For the next 20 years, he honed his knowledge and skills working primarily in 4 star/fine dining restaurants in the Outer Banks, Miami, Nantucket, and Durham; even getting to cook at the James Beard House in NYC. From 2010-2017, John was Executive Chef and eventually Partner at Six Plates Wine Bar, before opening Mattie B’s Public House and Black Twig Cider House with his then business partner, until he was ready for his first solo venture. After taking time off to travel, he began building Season to Taste to utilize his food knowledge and skills to help home cooks feel comfortable, confident, and excited in the kitchen, learning beyond recipes.

John has taught cooking classes at Southern Season, the Art Institute of RaleighDurham, and the UNC Wellness Center and those classes introduced him to teaching non-professional cooks, as well as planted the seed for the next phase of his career. He created Season to Taste for all who love food, want to be more comfortable and confident in the kitchen, and want to learn to cook the way a chef does, at home. He is excited to partner with Duke to continue expanding his ability to improve the lives (and food) of home cooks through sharing his knowledge, skills, excitement, and ideologies with the Duke community!

Chef Demos:
Chef Demos will resume spring semester 2024.