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Wellness Meals

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The Wellness Meal program is for students that are not able to get to a dining facility due to being sick or injured. Sick or injured students should follow the steps below to receive their on-campus meal by way of their dining plan:

First-Year Students-Board Plan (Breakfast, Dinner, and Brunch): 
If a student is unwell or injured and unable to get to Marketplace for a meal, the student may send someone in their place to pick-up the meal by way of the following process:

-Provide an email to authorizing a friend to pick up a wellness meal for them.  The email must include the DukeCard number of the student requesting the meal, and the name of their friend picking up the meal.

-The friend picking up the wellness meal will bring a hard copy of the email to Marketplace where they will receive to-go boxes from the cashier.

-The hard copy email will provide authorization to deduct the board meal from the sick or injured student’s board plan.

(DukeCard numbers can be found on the DukeCard website on the eAccounts page  or on the back of the physical card where applicable. 

Upperclass Students and Lunch for First-Year Students: 
Duke Dine-Out Mobile Ordering is available for sick, unwell, or injured students. If a student is unable to pick-up their order, they may send someone to pick up their order by way of the following process:

-Send an email to their friend stating that they grant permission to pick up their order and copy with ‘Wellness Meal’ in the subject line.

-The student picking up the meal will request and sign a Wellness Form and will show proof of identification to the cashier.