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First-Year Housing

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All first-year students begin their Duke journey on East Campus, where they have many opportunities to intentionally make new connections and friends, become a leader within their residential community, and have the support of many university staff as they begin their college career.

Over their course of their first-year at Duke, students will be able to join their House Council, have fun connecting with others in their community through Resident Assistant lead activities, and participate in building and campus wide events and programs.

We believe in blurring the lines between curricular and co-curricular experiences in our residences. Academic deans and advisors work are connected to individual Houses on East Campus, where they work with students in many ways. Each house also has a connected Faculty-in-Residence (FiR), who are professors who live alongside of the students in the residence halls. FiRs are an excellent resource for first-year students who provide intellectual engagement opportunities as well as interactions between students and faculty.

The East Campus experience for first-year students is designed to introduce and engage students to life at Duke and to give each student a solid foundation for a successful university experience.

There is much to do and explore, and assistance is readily available to help navigate the complexities of an always new, often challenging, exciting time of life.

Residency requirement:

Duke requires students to live on campus for three years. We generally have space to guarantee housing for the fourth year, should a student choose to remain on campus. We have East Campus for first-year students and two campuses for upperclass students: West and Swift.