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2023-2024 Housing Information

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Get Ready To Apply!

Be sure to review the information below regarding housing for the 2023-2024 school year. Keep checking back for more information! Please note: All housing process timelines are tentative and may be changed at the discretion of the Housing Assignments Office.

2023-2024 Housing Application

The housing application for 2023-2024 has closed. Your next opportunity to apply for fall 2023 housing will be June 1. You may still decline housing, if eligible, via the housing portal.

2023-2024 Housing Portal

Blocking provides students the option to select a preferred roommate - as well as a larger group of friends whom they’d like to live near. While blocking does not guaranteean outcome, it gives all students in the block the same selection time – which may allow you to select consecutive or proximate rooms depending on availability. 

You and your preferred roommate may choose to be members of a block or simply enter the quad housing lottery as two person block. For rising sophomores, all students within a block must have the same quad connection and will select rooms in their connected quad. 

As you might expect, smaller block sizes have had more success selecting rooms in direct proximity to one another, as it’s easier to find contiguous rooms when there are fewer rooms involved. 

Juniors and seniors will indicate quad preferences on the housing application. If you are the member of a block, your quad preferences need to match. In the event quad eligibility differs across your block, the block leaders preference will be utilized.

Blocking Rules:

  • Includes 2-8 students. 
  • Blocks may be comprised of students of any genders.  
  • Sophomores may form blocks with any student sharing their same quad connection.
  • Every member of a block must complete an online application. 
  • Block leaders will invite all members of the block through the online application. 
  • Invited members must accept or decline the block invitation. 
  • Block members will all be assigned the same room selection time slot.

Blocking Mythbusters

  • Blocking (or not) does not increase or decrease the likelihood of receiving a good lottery number. 
  • Blocking does not guarantee a specific upperclass housing placement. For example, a large block that has a high lottery number may be bumped to their second preference building because they are too large to fit in their preferred building within a Quad/Hollows/300 Swift. 
  • Blocking does not guarantee room or apartment type, nor does it guarantee a certain number of beds within a suite or apartment. All of these items depend on lottery numbers, bed availability, and the selections of students in front of you – to name a few variables. 

Mixed blocks are defined as any one of the following:

  • Block members of differing class years (rising juniors and seniors)
  • Block members of differing quad connections (rising juniors connected to two or more quads)
  • Any combination of the above two

Rising sophomores cannot participate in mixed blocks as sophomores are only able to block with other members of the class of 2026 sharing their same quad connection.

Mixed blocks can be allocated to 300 Swift, Hollows, or a quad all block members are eligible for.

What happens if your are not allocated to 300 Swift, Hollows or a quad all block members are eligible for?

  • Your block will be disbanded.
    • Seniors will be allocated to a quad as individual applicants. Quad allocation will be dependent upon individual lottery number and quad preferences submitted on their application.
    • Juniors will be allocated back to their connected quad as individual applicants.
  • Juniors and seniors will be allowed to create new blocks with other juniors and/or seniors allocated to their quad.
  • Any mixed class year blocks still remaining within a quad will be assigned room selection time slots after junior only blocks but before sophomore room selection.

Juniors and seniors will receive their quad allocations on March 1. At that point in time, all juniors and seniors will be able to participate in the re-blocking period. This allows for disbanded blocks to form new blocks with other students within their quad allocation. It also allows blocks who may have had members leave since the application was submitted in February, to add new members or disband and form new blocks altogether. The re-blocking period will conclude on March 8. No changes to blocks will be accommodated after this date and time. All members of the same block will receive the same room selection time slot on March 20. Sophomores will not participate in the re-blocking period.

Students may decline housing for a variety of reasons:

  • Met residency requirement (class of 2024 or lower)
  • Housing accommodation to live off campus
  • Enrolled in sponsored program (study away, Marine Lab, etc.)
  • Voluntary leave from Duke (medical or personal leave, voluntary withdrawal)
  • Involuntary leave from Duke (academic dismissal, administrative financial withdrawal, administrative withdrawal, disciplinary dismissal/suspension)

All declines are reviewed and verified via respective university offices and programs. Students who are declining housing should complete the Decline Housing form via the housing portal.

Students returning to Duke are still required to meet the three-year residency requirement. You may contact housing regarding your residency status while your return application is under review. 

Housing and Residence Life is currently NOT conducting an off-campus lottery for the Fall 2023 semester. Decisions for a spring 2024 lottery will be made in early September. If decisions change or develop regarding any off campus options, eligible students will be notified.

The 23-24 QuadEX Connection Appeal Request is currently CLOSED; the deadline is Monday, January 23.

Class of 2026 students with a valid reason may choose to submit a 23-24 QuadEX Appeal Request to appeal their quad connection.  You will be asked to provide thorough explanation for your QuadEx connection appeal request. If your appeal is approved, you will be allowed to form a preferred roommate pair or block within your new connection. If you have a preferred roommate, they must also submit this appeal request. 

Connections can be viewed here.

All appeal requests must be submitted by 12pm EST on Monday, January 23rd.

Terms of Appeal:

  • Once you submit your appeal request, it will be reviewed by a committee of staff and faculty. They may be in contact with you to discuss your appeal and may request any applicable documentation. Decisions regarding your appeal will be made by January 27th.
  • If your appeal is not granted you will follow the general assignments process based upon your original quad connection. You will be expected to find a roommate or block within your original quad connection.
  • ​​​​If your appeal is granted, you and your preferred roommate (if you have one) will be assigned the same quad connection and will submit your housing application with the ability to form a block with students also assigned to that connection.

Regardless of your appeal outcome, you must apply for housing when the application is open between February 7th and 10th.

Students will be assigned a room selection time slot based upon their individual or block lottery number. The order for room selection will be as follows:

  • Senior only blocks and senior solo applicants
  • Junior only blocks and junior solo applicants
  • Mixed blocks (for mixed block definitions, review here)
  • Sophomore only blocks and sophomore solo applicants

Students participating in pre-assignment (students with accommodations, LLC members, quad council members) will select their rooms the week of March 6th. The above order will apply along with any additional stipulations per their group.

Students participating in general room selection will select their rooms on a specific date and time. You will be notified of your room selection time slot on March 20th. Room selection will occur across multiple days between March 28th and April 6th.

Students who preference a substance free lifestyle should find a roommate who also holds the same values. Students can indicate preference for substance free living on the lifestyle questions within housing applications to assist in roommate matching.

Application Process Timeline

Tuesday  1/24 – Rising sophomore information session at 7pm; 

Thursday, 1/26 – Upperclass information session at 7pm; 

Monday, 1/30 – Rising sophomore information session at 7pm; 

Wednesday, 2/1 - Upperclass information session at 7 pm; 

Tuesday, 2/7 - Friday, 2/10 – 23-24 housing application available via housing portal.

Tuesday, 2/13 - Deadline for housing office to receive new or change approvals from Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) 

Wednesday, 3/1 – Juniors and seniors receive quad allocations

Wednesday, 3/1 – Deadline to cancel study away application and participate in the 23-24 housing process

Wednesday 3/1 - Wednesday 3/8 - Re-blocking period for juniors and seniors

Monday, 3/20 – Room selection time slots available

Week of  March 28th - 23-24 housing room selection; schedule TBD 

Week of April 4th - 23-24 housing room selection; schedule TBD 

Week of April 12th - Assignment summary available to students.

Students returning to campus for the Fall 2023 semester should complete a housing application via the Housing Portal. Students studying at the Marine Lab for the Fall 2023 semester should decline housing via the Housing Portal. Students studying at the Marine Lab for the spring 2024 semester will be able to cancel housing during October 2023.

Housing process for Duke Robertson Scholars:

  • During the fall semester, Duke Robertson Scholars may decline housing for the spring semester due to the Robertson Campus Switch. This is part of our annual spring assignment process.
  • Duke Robertson Scholars are confirmed with the Robertson Scholars program and housing decline is processed.
  • Duke Robertson Scholars are contacted during the spring semester to participate in the fall housing process.

Housing process for UNC Robertson Scholars:

  • During the fall semester, UNC Robertson Scholars are contacted by the Robertson Scholars program and instructed to apply for housing at Duke for the spring semester.
  • The Robertson Scholars program confirms UNC Robertson Scholars with the Housing Assignments office.
  • UNC Robertson Scholars housing applications are managed via spring assignments process. Robertson Scholars are assigned and must go through housing confirmation process and select a meal plan.

NOTE: Robertson Scholars are not guaranteed a specific housing assignment, preferred roommate, nor will they be able to swap with another student.

Fall Study Away:

  • Students may not maintain a fall housing assignment while pursuing study away opportunities. As a result, you will need to decline housing. If you do not decline housing by Wednesday, March 1st and you have NOT cancelled your study away application, we will cancel your housing application for you. You can access the decline housing form via the housing portal beginning Tuesday, February 7th.
  • Students who study away for the fall semester should plan to live on-campus when they return in the spring semester. Students are required to fulfill the 3-year/6-semester residency requirement.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Students who leave for study away in the fall, are not guaranteed a specific housing assignment, near a specific block, nor will they be able to swap with another student who is planning to study away and will need to apply for spring housing.

Spring Study Away:

  • Students who plan to study away for the spring semester and are required to live on campus (sophomores and juniors) should apply for 2023-2024 housing. The application can be found through the housing portal starting Tuesday, February 7th.
  • Students who study away for the spring semester will be able to participate in the room selection process and select their room for fall.

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