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Spring 2024 Housing

Housing Information

2023-2024 Housing License and Terms

2023-2024 Housing Rates

All rates are set by Housing and Residence Life and approved by the University Board of Trustees. The rates below represent the anticipated final rates for 2023-2024. The rates listed are per student.

Single Room
Semester: $6,528
Academic Year: $13,056

Double Room
Semester: $4,942
Academic Year: $9,884

Apartment Private Bedroom:
Semester: $8,115
Academic Year: $16,230

Apartment Shared Bedroom:
Semester: $6,528
Academic Year: $13,056

Please note: Hollows room assignments are charged a single room rate.

Duke University is not liable for damage or loss of personal property kept in the resident’s assigned space or in other areas of University housing. Because the University does not provide property insurance, residents are encouraged to secure their own personal property insurance.

All Duke students should consider purchasing renters insurance to protect their personal property in the event that it is damaged, destroyed or stolen. Even if a student is a dependent under his or her parent's insurance, the student's personal property, may not be covered.

Talk with your parents. They should check their policy or contact their insurance agent to see what coverage you have and if renters insurance is right for you while away at school.

Students returning to Duke after a separation of any kind should work with the Time Away Office to manage their return process. You may contact housing assignments regarding your residency status while your Time Away Return Form is under review. 

  • Students without a housing assignment will be required to apply and are assigned once approved for return.
  • Students with a housing assignment, who take time-off from the University, can decline housing and apply once approved for return.

Students returning to Duke after a leave of absence of any kind remain subject to the Board of Trustees policy requiring all Duke undergraduate students to live in university housing for three academic years (Six semesters) as a Duke student. Resident students who take a leave of absence for personal reasons may return as residents provided they follow the HRL procedures and deadlines. Duke guarantees housing to all of its full-time undergraduate students, save those who are not eligible due to disciplinary sanctions. 

You may contact housing regarding your residency while your return application is under review. Students without a housing assignment will be required to apply and will be assigned once they have been approved for return. Students with a housing assignment, who are separated from the University, will have their housing cancelled and will be required to reapply once approved for return.

Students returning to Duke from a leave of absence (and who are subject to the residency requirement noted above) who fail to request housing will receive an assignment and be financially responsible for the term of the assignment.

Housing and Residence Life (HRL) works in conjunction with the Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) to ensure consistency in evaluating special housing accommodation requests. The Student Disability and Access Office reviews requests and shares approved student accommodations with HRL. Students with approved accommodations will be offered priority for placement in an available space that meets their accommodations.

Students who wish to be considered for reasonable accommodations must submit current documentation (i.e., medical/educational/diagnostic reports) from licensed physicians, psychologists, or other qualified professionals as well as supporting historical records and materials. For the purpose of receiving consideration for reasonable accommodations at Duke University, an individual must have an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

Information regarding the process to request an accommodation can be found on the Student Disability and Access Office website or at 919-668-1267.

Tuesday, 9/26 -  Spring housing information available via HRL website. 

Wednesday, 9/27 - Email communications to upperclass students regarding spring 2024 housing.

Thursday, 10/5 - Spring housing application and materials available on the housing portal.

Tuesday, 10/10 - Deadline for off campus lottery.

Thursday, 10/12 - Off campus lottery notifications sent; Deadline for senior and study away declines.

Monday, 10/16 - Off campus lottery confirmations due.

Wednesday, 10/25 - Priority deadline for spring 2024 housing; fall 2023 reassignments end.

Thursday, 11/9 - Spring 2024 assignments will begin to be released and processed through January 5, 2024.

For the spring semester, HRL is offering an off-campus lottery for eligible juniors to request to be released from housing requirement.

Students interested in this off-campus housing lottery must submit an application by 12:00 pm on Tuesday, October 10. You will receive the decision regarding your request on October 12.

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting for the off-campus lottery is not a guaranteed release. HRL determines the specific number of students that we can release for the spring semester, which may not include all students. Those students who submitted for the lottery are assigned a random number which then determines your eligibility for release. There may be an instance in which more students submit for the lottery than we will allow to be released. Therefore, do NOT make off-campus housing arrangements until after you have received your decision on October 12.

In the event that you are released to live off campus for the spring 2024 semester and are on campus for the fall 2023 semester, you are required to move out of your assignment by 12:00 pm on Tuesday, December 19.

Students can apply to decline housing for the spring semester. Students could be eligible for one of the following reasons.

  • Class of 2024 or lower that wishes to live off campus (must decline by October 12).
  • Met the six semester (3 year) live on requirement (must decline by October 12).
  • Graduating December 2023.
  • Visiting Scholar for the fall 2023 semester only.
  • Participating in Robertson Scholar campus switch.
  • Studying away for the spring 2024 semester (including Duke Marine Lab).
  • Personal or medical leave of absence.
  • Accommodation from Student Disability and Access Office to live off campus.

Please submit a decline housing request form through the housing portal

We will do our best to meet preferred roommate requests, but due to limited housing options for the spring semester, preferred roommate requests may not be achievable. Juniors may apply for the off-campus lottery if living with their preferred roommate is their highest priority.

Students on campus for fall 2023 may be requested as a preferred roommate by a student applying for spring 2024 housing. The on-campus student will receive an invitation to be a roommate and should accept the invitation. In this instance, on-campus students may also indicate that they want to be reassigned to a new assignment with their returning preferred roommate.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on campus in the fall and are reassigned, you will be responsible for completely vacating your fall assignment and storing your possessions off campus before leaving for Winter Break. We are unable to provide you with storage. When you return to campus on or after January 6, you will check in to your spring assignment.

STUDYING AWAY FOR SPRING: Students are not permitted to keep spring 2024 housing while they pursue study away opportunities. As a result, you will need to decline housing. If you do not decline housing by Thursday, October 12 and you have NOT cancelled your study away application, we will cancel your spring housing assignment for you. You can access the decline housing form via the housing portal beginning Thursday, October 5.

RETURNING FROM FALL STUDY AWAY: Students who studied away for the fall 2023 semester who are required to live on campus (sophomores and juniors) are required to apply for spring housing regardless of interest in the off-campus lottery.

NOTE: We will do our best to meet preferred roommate requests, but housing options are limited and preferred roommate requests may not be able to be met.

Students who are returning from study away are not guaranteed a specific housing assignment, preferred roommate, nor will they be able to swap with another student who is planning to study away and will need to apply for spring Housing.

Students returning to campus for the spring semester should complete an application by October 25 via the housing portal.

Students studying at the Marine Lab for the spring semester should decline housing by November 14 via the housing portal.

Typically, during the spring of their sophomore year, all Robertson Scholars participate in a semester of Campus Switch where they live at the sister institution. 

  • Duke students going to UNC for the spring 2024 semester should decline housing by October 12.
  • UNC students going to Duke campus during the spring 2024 semester should apply for housing on October 5.

NOTE: Robertson Scholars are not guaranteed a specific housing assignment, preferred roommate, nor will they be able to swap with another student.


  • Thursday, 10/5 - Spring housing application materials available on the housing portal.
  • Thursday, 10/19 - Spring housing application deadline for DKU students coming to Durham.
  • Thursday, 10/26 - DKU housing assignments released.

DKU students can preference a single room, but due to limited space, a single room cannot be guaranteed.

DKU students can identify another DKU student as a preferred roommate.

DKU students will be assigned to East House or Epworth on East Campus. Students will have to option to select the first-year I meal plan or any upperclass points plans A-E.

DKU students cannot apply for Resident Assistant (RA) position or the off-campus lottery.

We have a limited number of spaces in our on-campus two-bedroom apartments at 301 Swift apartments for graduate and professional students. Spring housing assignments will be made based on date of application submission and student visa status. Students must be fully admitted in order to apply through the housing portal.

Assignment priority will be given to graduate or professional students on student visa status.

Wednesday, November 8 - GPS application opens. Application will stay open until spaces are filled.

Spring 2024 Application

The application will go live October 5, 2023

Apply Here