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The Quad Cup

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Seven Quads. One Champion!

The purpose of the Quad Cup competition is to promote community and belonging amongst Duke students.

The Quad Cup serves as an inter-quad competition designed to cultivate a robust and resilient campus community through a diverse array of events. In collaboration with QuadEx, students from both East Campus and West Campus will come together to form teams, representing their Quad Connections in engaging activities such as trivia, races and other key events throughout the semester. Points will be accrued for each Quad throughout the Spring 2024 semester, specifically during Quad Cup events. The Quad Connection amassing the highest points by the end of the competition will be bestowed with substantial prizes, including the prestigious Quad Cup Trophy.

Quad Cup Leaderboard

Quad Cup Point System


Quads can earn points for the Quad Cup by residents attending events and participating in various competitions. Attendance is tracked by residents swiping in at the event. Attendance points will be awarded based on the percentage of the Quad attending the event.

Points range from 10 for at least 5% attendance, gradually increasing to 100 for full participation with at least 95% of the Quad attending the event.


Along with attendance Quads will also earn points for engaging in the internal cup competitions. Points will be awarded based on Quads forming a team along with points for placing in the competition.

Teams receive 10 points for forming or registering a team for a competition, provided the team competes. If multiple teams are allowed, points are awarded for each team. Additionally, points are allocated based on performance in competitions: 100 points for first place, 70 points for second place, and 50 points for third place.