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Beautiful Menorahs Donated to the Freeman Center

Jewish Life at Duke has been enriched this year by the addition of two hand-crafted chanukyiot (Hanukkah menorahs), now on display at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life. These menorahs were donated by two talented artists who are also Duke parents:

Yuval Eini, P’22Oil Menorah Sculpture, 2022

Menorah gifted to Jewish Life at Duke

A gift of Yuval and Sharon Eini, P’22, in honor of their son Yoni Eini, ’22, this custom-made piece is cut from 3/8” thick carbon steel plate cut to the shape of a Hanukkah menorah. The oil glass holders are carefully machined to a curved steel shape & then welded to the structure. The ‘shamash’ (center light) is twisted to resemble a shofar. The finish is a handmade acid blend to create an antique, rustic, and natural look. Designed by Y. Eini specifically for Jewish Life at Duke, the menorah also includes the word “Shalom” in Hebrew, the map of the state of Israel, and the Star of David. 

George E. Tobolowsky, P’04Everlasting Hanukkiah, 2018

Menorah gifted to Jewish Life at Duke

A gift of George and Julie Tobolowsky, P’04, in honor of their daughter Laura Tobolowsky Swartz, ’04, and son-in-law Jonas Swartz, ’04, this menorah sculpture, measuring over six feet high, is made from welded recycled steel and stainless steel found objects. Most recently on display at the National Center for Jewish Art at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas, this larger-than-life piece has now found a permanent home at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life.

Jewish Life at Duke is grateful for these beautiful, artistic contributions to the Freeman Center.

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