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Prep Your Space for Winter Break

Home Blog Prep Your Space for Winter Break

Heading out for winter break? Whether you’re in an on-campus residence hall or an off-campus apartment, here are some tips for keeping your belongings safe and your space in good condition for your return in January!

You are encouraged to remove the following items – things you may need at home or during your travels:

  • Money
  • Credit/gift cards
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Visa documents
  • Medications
  • Glasses
  • Electronics
  • Textbooks
  • Jewelry
  • Items of sentimental/emotional value

bag of trash being dropped into a green bin

Remove all…

Trash, recyclable and perishable items, including any food or medication in your refrigerator.

hand removing a plug from an outlet

Unplug all…

Appliances and electronics.

student placing a stack of clothes in a box


Any unwanted clothing, appliances, and unopened non-perishable food.

Most quads will have a designated collection area for donations. Check with your RC for details.

Close and lock…

windows, close blinds, shut off room lights, and lock room / apartment door.

finger adjusting a thermostat

Off-Campus Residents Returning in January:

  • Do all of the previous steps before leaving for Winter Break.
  • Leave the heat on in your apartment so pipes don’t burst in colder weather.
  • Let your landlord know when you’ll be away.

student writing in marker on a packing box

On-Campus Residents NOT Returning for Spring 2024:

  • Do all of the previous steps, and remove ALL belongings by noon December 19 (be sure you’re packed before this so you’ve removed all items by noon!)
  • Check all drawers, closets, etc. to be sure you left nothing behind.
  • Fill out the QR code posted on your room door to expedite the check-out process.
  • Return your room key/fob to the appropriate campus office.