President's Quad Cup

The President’s Quad Cup competition promotes community and belonging amongst Duke students. By accumulating Quad Cup points, students deepen their understanding of the various academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities available to them at Duke.

President’s Quad Cup

Why should you participate in the President's Quad Cup?

Throughout each semester there will be events for students to attend and compete in to support their Quad. They can meet their neighbors, make friends, attend fun events, enjoy giveaways, make incredible memories, and have fun! The President’s Quad Cup will also award the winning Quad with a trophy, banner, and other incentives to promote Quad pride and enhance their Duke experience.

How do I gain points?

The President’s Quad Cup consists of four categories: Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Community Engagement. The Cup is awarded to the Quad that obtains the most cumulative points throughout the course of the academic year (September through early April) based on the four categories of the competition. Each category is worth 25% of the total number of possible points. Points will be tracked by attendance at events and Duke Groups will serve as the platform for the competition. Below are a sample of the type of events/ initiatives that will fall under each category:


Participating in Quiz bowls, attending Faculty Fellow or Faculty-in-Residence events, attending speakers, participating in the FLUNCH or HOPE meal initiative, attending a Duke Conversation, and participation in Sophomore Spark Events.


Participating in the QuadEx Intramural Sports League, attending various sporting events, and participating in various Duke Rec & PE Quad events.


Participating in a performing arts activity, attending performances and visiting exhibits, and painting the community’s bench.

Community Engagement

Participating in events sponsored by Quad and House Council, participation in diversity focused events, participating in community service events, and hosting events in their community

How do I participate?

Quads and Houses will gain points by attending select events and initiatives as part of the President’s Quad Cup which can be found via Duke Groups by searching for the President’s Quad Cup Event Tag.

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