Student Affairs Intranet Communications

Improving communications within the division and building awareness.

The Office of Communications works to improve communications within the division of Student Affairs, as well as build awareness of the work of the division across the university and beyond. The office serves as an internal resource for the division as related to a wide range of communications needs, including branding, marketing, storytelling/news, social media, website, and internal and external communications. The office works with communicators and colleagues across the division to provide recommendations, guidelines, and resources, with the goal of building consistency and cohesiveness in division communications efforts.

This repository will be a living resource, growing and changing over time based on divisional needs. If you have a question or a suggestion of items to include, please email Director of Communications Sophie Williams at 






Effective 3/17/20, division payroll, HR, financial, and technology staffs will be offering remote support only.  As offices in the Division continue to work on ways to support students remotely, our staff will be available by phone, email, Zoom, and other means in the coming days to support Student Affairs employees and our business processes.  

Please continue to use the following lists as the first point of contact—  since the lists are monitored by multiple people, this will be the fastest way to access support.

Technology support = or 919-684-5143 - Monitored by ITS ITS staff

Financial and budget support = - Monitored by Kennedine, Eric and Caroline

Human Resources support = - Monitored by Richard and Caroline

Payroll and requisition support = - Monitored by Kennedine, Richard, Stephanie, and Marie

Whether “communications” is part of your job title or not, Student Affairs professionals communicate in a multitude of ways every day. From departmental newsletters to event promotions and website content, the ways we communicate and the words we use can help us tell the story of our work more effectively, and help us build consistency across the division.

This guide is intended to support your work as communicators through providing standardized language and gathering resources to help you stay consistent with publications across the division and across the university.


A Note on Style

The Division of Student Affairs, consistent with Duke University as a whole, uses the Associated Press Stylebook (AP Style) to guide writing style for news, print materials, and web content. Many stylistic issues are also covered in the Duke Language Usage Guide. Some additional items specific to the division are included in this style guide.

These guidelines apply to all internal and external communications and publications sanctioned and created through or on behalf of the division.



Student Affairs Style Guide 

Emma is a mass email messaging service licensed by Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT). Student Affairs uses Emma to communicate with large groups of students and staff. Duke OIT has worked with Student Affairs to transition Student Affairs large-group email processes to Emma. Emma is expected to be available to a broader audience, such as individual departments, for use later in 2019. 

Student Affairs maintains the following sub-accounts within the Emma email system:

Student Affairs – Incoming & Transfer Students 

Account ID: 1889151

Owner: Jordan Hale

Usage: Communication to incoming first-year and transfer students

Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Incoming & Transfer Students Subaccount


Student Affairs – Parents & Family 

Account ID: 1889150

Owner: Clay Adams

Usage: Parent and Family communications, including monthly newsletter (Note: due to non Student information (parent emails) this reference group pulls from Student Affairs Data Warehouse which is maintained by (Student Affairs ITS)

Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Parents & Family Subaccount


Student Affairs - Student Communication 

Account ID: 1890487

Owner: Sophie Williams

Usage: Communications to students from VP, Dean of Students

Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Student Communication Subaccount



Student Affairs - Student Involvement

Account ID: 1811278

Owner: Kyle Fox

Usage: Communications to students from student organizations (DUU, DSG, GPSC, etc.)

Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Student Involvement Subaccount


Student Affairs - Staff 

Account ID: 1890029

Owner: Sophie Williams

Usage: Student Affairs staff newsletter

Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Staff Subaccount


Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Student Veterans

Account ID: 1904876

Owner: Clay Adams

Usage: Duke Students whom opt-in to military affiliated news/communication

Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Student Veterans Subaccount


Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Ad Hoc Subaccount

Account ID: 1912334

Owner: Sophie Williams

Usage: Audience groups for this sub account are used for 1 off needs that do not fit into regularly scoped populations. Users pull a list of emails from source such as Duke Registrar, Duke SISS Office, Student Affairs Assessment and/or other groups.

Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Ad Hoc Subaccount


Student Affairs - Duke International Student Center (Manual)

Account ID: 1947776

Owner: Ling Jin

Usage: Sources from Duke Registrar, Duke Visa Services as reports which staff decide whom should receive email campaigns. (Note: populations include incoming Duke students whom initially do not have a email address (communications go to personal emails for portion of population)

Emma Lists for Student Affairs - Duke International Student Center (Manual)


Learn more

For guidance on how to send an email, Emma resources, and who to contact for help, view Using Emma - Student Affairs

Available reference groups from Duke OIT (IDMS) & Duke Registrar:

Need an existing reference group added or removed?:


Need a new reference group curated/created? 


The Student Affairs website,, is the division's central hub for sharing important information with a variety of audience groups, including current students and their families, faculty and staff at the university, as well as prospective students and their families. The site is maintained by the Director of Communications, with support from the Resource Administration Staff Assistant, and a small set of content editors across the division who are charged with ensuring that their sections of the site are up-to-date. The site receives technical support from Duke Web Services (DWS) through a yearly SLA.


Web structure 

The Student Affairs website is organized into sections by Topics, Communities, and Departments. Some of these sections are tied directly to a Student Affairs department (per the division organizational chart), some span multiple areas, and some represent a smaller but focused sub-area within a larger department. 


Each area, whether a Department section or a functional area, is assigned a web editor, who serves as the content expert in that area and is responsible for keeping that section of the site up-to-date. 


Recommended editing schedule:

We recommend editors use the general framework below to ensure their site area remains up-to-date. 

  • Weekly: Give your site a quick review for any brief updates, to remove any events that have passed, etc. 
  • Monthly: Schedule a monthly checkpoint to review your site section(s). Do you have any new or upcoming events or programs to highlight? Any staffing changes? Newsletters or new content you'd like to highlight? 
  • Twice per year (June and December): Each summer and again in December (after the fall semester), set aside time to give your site section(s) a detailed review for larger organizational changes, new initiatives for the year/semester ahead, staffing changes, etc. 


Web editors

Web editors are expected to: 

  • meet certain training requirements to become a web editor (see Web Editor Requirements)
  • maintain their area(s) of the site regularly
  • ensure outdated information is removed in a timely manner 
  • coordinate with area colleagues to gather new or updated information as needed
  • notify the Student Affairs director of communications of regarding any larger edits with which they may need assistance, or regarding any troubleshooting issues they encounter while editing the site. 


Web editing roles: 

Depending on the types of edits a user will need to make to the site, they may be assigned a variety of editing roles currently built into the site. See Web Editor Role Documentation for details. 

  • Site administrators
    The Student Affairs director of communications is the site administrator and maintains overall responsibility for the site, as well as manages the site's SLA with Duke Web Services.  The Student Affairs Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives serves as a back-up to the site administrator. 
  • Section editors 
  • Non-Student Affairs employees with access to the website
    - Duke Web Services employees
    - Duke's Director of Web Accessibility


Please note that undergraduate students are not eligible to be web editors. If you have a student working in your department, they are welcome to draft content and then submit to your area's web editor to post to the site. 


Additional editors 

If you feel someone should have access to edit the website, please submit a request via email to detailing the job requirements necessitating direct access to the edit the site (include job description if necessary), as well as the relevant content area. Additional access to the site is granted at the discretion of the Student Affairs director of communications. New editors must meet all requirements above before gaining access to the site. 


Requesting web changes 

Anyone within Student Affairs may request edits to the site, and we hope you will write to us with anything you notice that needs updated or changed. For those who do not have direct access to the edit the site, please submit required website changes via email to See How to Submit Web Edits for more details.