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Improving communications within the division and building awareness.

We tell the story of Student Affairs. It is our mission to communicate clearly with students to foster a culture of belonging and wellbeing. Through conversations, brainstorming, strategic planning, and implementation, we strive to share Student Affairs key messages to the right audience at the right time.

We can make your vision a reality.

From communications plans to video production to event graphics, our team would love to help with your project! Let us know your vision and we can bring it to life.

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Let's dig in!

The Student Affairs Comms Team

Our vision:

We aim to create digestible and accessible messaging for our students through email communications, blogs and articles, social media engagement and audio/visuals to amplify the vision of Student Affairs.

Our values:

  • We support and understand the communication needs of students and staff in alignment with Student Affairs initiatives.
  • We provide brand management, communication planning, media relations, content development, and editorial services.
  • We help set the standard for inclusive communications by fostering an environment that is focused on belonging for all at Duke.

The Student Affairs Comms Student Interns

From graphic design to event photography and more, our ridiculously talented interns will be working on your projects alongside our team! Click through the tabs to learn more about them.

Samara waving at the cameraSamara Brogan, '26 is our lead event photographer. You have probably seen her at a lot of our division- and university-wide events, though behind the camera! Samara is an excellent relationship-builder and thanks to her work during summer 2023, we have fresh high-quality photos of all of our residence halls!

"To me, being a Duke student means being the one that will stand out in a crowd to set an example of what is right even if it is not the easy choice to make. Getting into Duke was not only a gift in itself but it has also provided me with the opportunity to uplift others alongside me."

Cristal at a football game wearing blue and black

Cristal Ortiz, '24 is one of our graphic designers, with a hidden talent for short-form video! She is responsible for our hugely-popular student feature series on Instagram, and has completed projects for Nutrition Services, DISC, CMA, and more.

"To be a Duke student is not just excelling in our community but also experiencing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. We are constantly pursuing the next goal in our life, but in the process, we are leaving a footprint of our blue devil love in our community, but most importantly, in our lives. The pursuit of everlasting experiences and moments means to be a Duke Student."

Neil posing in front of a pink muraled brick wall, wearing Duke colorsNeil Paul, '24, focuses on photography and videography for our team. She has worked on videos plugging puppy kindergarten, Bricks2Stone, and many division-wide events! Neil is abroad in Fall '23, but we hope you'll see more of her work in the spring.

"If I could sum up being a college student at Duke in two words it would be 'extroverted nerd.' I’m surrounded by intelligent and hardworking individuals who also enjoy being involved on campus, meeting new people, and sleeping in a party tent in the winter for two months to get tickets for a basketball game. It is to make friends to work on math problem sets together but also unintentionally enjoying their company and inviting them to Nasher for brunch. It is a network- one that I am thankful to be a part of."

Ruby leaning against a gothic stone pillar as the sun hits her face.Ruby Wang, '24, is our most senior graphic designer. We've been lucky to have Ruby since we started taking on interns in 2021. Ruby takes the lead on several of our weekly social media series - event features, newsletter roundups, and more, and we rely on her to bring us ideas for new ways to engage students. Ruby is also a talented illustrator, as you've seen in the form of the Student Affairs holiday card!

"Being a Duke student means continuously improving yourself. ...I've met peers and mentors that shaped me to be more caring, thoughtful, and curious."