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Human Resources

The below link provides Duke's checklist for terminating an employee.  Please use as a template and follow the other below steps.

 Other Steps:

  • An employee should submit a resignation letter, and the supervisor should prepare an acceptance letter. The supervisor should send both letters to
  • for processing.
  • For exempt staff, the Exempt Time Off Report should be submitted and approved. For nonexempt, the bi-weekly time card should reflect all worked hours and be approved.

The below link provides information about pay statements, pay schedules, performance management, pay ranges & job classifications, job descriptions, and pay policies.

The below link provides information related to Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmation Action, Americans with Disabilities Act & Rehabilitation Act, Consensual Relationships and Harassment & Discrimination.

The below link provides information related to eligibility requirements and the reimbursement process.

Student Affairs policy is for grad students to be paid the Duke Minimum Wage rate ($15.00) which was set in 2019.

Offer Letter Templates

Please follow the below instructons:

  1. Select the appropriate offer letter template
  2. Send the signed letter to
  3. Ask candiate to complete the Onboarding Activites 
  4. Hiring will be completed by the Payroll Team


Hiring is one of the biggest challenges for Student Affairs. Once you identify the right candidate, you (the hiring manager) need to ensure you set them up for success!

Helping your new employee through their initial steps to join our Student Affairs team will help you build a rapport with them and develop a working relationship.

Upon receipt of the signed offer letter, SuccessFactors will auto-generate emails to the candidate for pre-employment checks (e.g. background checks, transcript submission (if applicable), etc.).

Once these steps have been completed, the new hire will be issued links for reviewing the employee handbook, receive a DukeID (net id), email address and link to apply for a Duke ID card.

Reaching out to your new hire to check in on them during the process will make them feel at ease, while you confirm their work space, access/keys and perhaps guiding them to parking services if needed.Often a departmental or division-wide communication about their arrival is helpful.

Duke Human Resources has supplemental materials to further support your candidate’s smooth transition to Duke and Student Affairs.  And, some managers might have more detailed on-boarding lists unique to their department or operation.

On their first day, be prepared to meet them and guide them to their work area. Show them the rest rooms, lounge areas, stairs/elevators and other things about the building they might need to know. Make co-worker introductions and perhaps assign a work buddy for training and questions during the first month or two.  It might be helpful to review covid protocols with a new hire to ensure they understand university safety guidelines.

As the division gears up with the return of students, let a new staff member know they will be invited to a quarterly Student Affairs New Employee Orientation.

This link provides information related to the following benefits:

  • Holiday
  • Vacation
  • Sick Time
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Keil Vacation 
  • Other Work Absences

The below link provides information related to workplace Health & Safety policies.