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In a 2022 undergraduate newsletter, we asked students to tell us about members of the Duke Dining and Duke Housekeeping staff made a difference in their day. Here is the full list, and we’ll be featuring these and more on the Student Affairs social media channels throughout the year. Thank you to our dining and housekeeping staff members for being pillars of the Duke community!

Laura, Kilgo Housekeeping

“[Laura] always brightens my mornings with a cheerful greeting.” – Naomi, ’24,

Julia, Marketplace Staff

“[Julia] always greets me and my friends with a smile and genuinely wants to know how our day has been. She is a beautiful soul, and I’m going to miss her when I live on West next year!” – Laurel, ’25

Will, Marketplace Staff

“Mr. Minor is so kind and funny – he is welcoming to all students and always checks in to see how we are doing. He cares deeply about the students he serves. His dedication and kind heart are unparalleled.” – Laurel, ’25

Delmari & Fran, Marketplace Staff

“[Delmari and Fran] both took notice of the fact that I’m vegan and gluten free and always make sure to give me enough food because I don’t have many options for food at Marketplace. I really appreciate this and can’t thank them enough.” – Shruti, ’25

Will & Julia, Marketplace Staff

“[Will and Julia] gave me an opportunity to feel safe and at home when I was at my lowest.” – Hanny, ’25

Sheena, West House Housekeeping

“Sheena always has a smile on her face, and every RA who has lived in West House can attest to that!” – Sharan, ’24

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