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Student Focus: Jewish Business Association

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The Jewish Business Association (JBA) aspires to create a welcoming space for all members of the Fuqua community who want to learn about, celebrate, and connect with Judaism. To achieve this goal, this past year we held multiple events, such as bringing a Holocaust survivor on campus to speak, hosting Break Fast after Yom Kippur, organizing an apples and honey giveaway for student Rosh Hashanah celebrations, giving out donuts and menorahs on campus during Hannukah, and many more. We will to continue to support the Fuqua community this spring by organizing a Purim party at a local Durham venue and hosting Passover Seder.

The Student Focus feature is a part of the Graduate Professional Student Appreciation Week to highlight and thank the wonderful students and student groups that make our campus vibrant! Submissions were made by Duke staff members.