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BC Fellows for Healthy Relationships

The Balthrop Cassidy (BC) Fellows aim to equip Duke students with the knowledge and skills necessary to cultivate healthy, supportive relationships across all areas of their lives.

Made possible by the generous support of the Balthrop-Cassidy family, the BC Fellowship is an instrumental part of the QuadEx approach to holistic wellbeing.

The BC Fellows foster a healthy campus community by teaching students how to develop caring and meaningful relationships of all types. This direct work is a core part of the QuadEx mission to cultivate a community where every student can thrive.

What We Do

A healthy campus is a community effort!

Join us as we work to create the Duke Difference!

Duke's strength lies in its deeply relational nature. The university fosters an environment where relationships—whether academic, social, or personal—play a pivotal role in shaping the student experience. The connections formed at Duke, between peers, faculty, staff, and the broader community, often have a profound impact on students' growth and development. With this initiative, we aim to assist Duke Students in taking full advantage of this environment.

What sets us apart

several students sit together on a blanket talkingImpactful Campus Engagement

We make sure that the content we develop is timely and relevant so that students have concepts that they can utilize in their everyday lives on campus.

Tailored Support for Students

By intentionally employing recent Duke graduates, we can be confident that the people assisting our students are well-versed in Duke's unique culture and traditions. This allows them to provide services that are expertly tailored to the Duke student.

Scalable Model

Built with the foundation of fun and accessible content, our train-the-trainer healthy relationship model is one that can be easily expanded to meet the diverse need of college-aged students across the country.

Collaborative Leadership

The success of this initiative would be impossible without the support of our leaders across campus. Our partnerships with students, staff, and faculty ensure that healthy relationships are centered in every aspect of the Duke experience.