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How We Work and Who We Partner With

Our content gives students the tools they need to succeed at Duke and beyond.

We work to equip students with essential tools for intentional decision-making, constructive conflict resolution, and the establishment of healthy boundaries. The Balthrop Cassidy Fellowship places recent Duke graduates in the perfect space to ensure the relationship health of current students and establish a foundation for a future complete with fulfillment and resilience.

Acting with Intent

College life comes at our students fast. So fast that students often find themselves making decisions with little thought regarding whether or not their actions get them closer to where they want to be. Our fellows work as a sounding board for students and help them think through what it exactly is they want out of college and support what steps to take to get there.

Boundary Setting

The ability to set healthy boundaries is a vital skill for any Duke student. Whether they are dealing with classmates, roommates, or faculty, setting boundaries is the key to a college experience that strikes the perfect balance between academic and personal commitments. Through conversation with our fellows, students gain the language and confidence to set boundaries in their everyday lives.

Conflict Resolution

It doesn't matter where our students find themselves after Duke; conflict is a truth of life. The ability to resolve conflict respectfully and effectively is an absolute must. Through our programs and workshops, Duke students are given the opportunity to practice resolving conflict and come up with strategies for dealing with conflict in the future.

Key Stakeholders

This list represents Duke campus units that we have worked with or foresee working with in the future that have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can further the mission of the BC Fellows.
  • Office of Gender Violence Education & Outreach (GVEO)
  • DuWell
  • Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Career Center
  • Kenan Institute for Ethics
  • Duke Identity & Cultural Centers
    • Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture
    • Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity
    • Duke Women's Center
    • Center for Multicultural Affairs
    • Center for Muslim Life
    • Jewish Life at Duke
  • DukeReach
  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
  • Student Health
  • Graduate & Professional Student Services
  • Duke International Student Center
  • Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards
  • Office of Institutional Equity
  • Individual Faculty
    • Dr. Shani Daily (Cue Family professor of practice in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Computer Science, Faculty Fellow, Special Assistant to the Vice Provosts)
    • Dr. G.R. Samanez-Larkin (Associate professor of psychology & neuroscience, Faculty Fellow, Alspaugh Faculty in Residence)
    • Dr. Kisha Daniels (Assistant professor of practice in Education, Gilbert-Addoms Faculty in Residence)
    • Dr. David Malone (Professor of practice in Education)
    • Dr. Candis Watts-Smith (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, professor of political science, Southgate Faculty in Residence)