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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Gender Violence Education and Outreach (GVEO) is to create a community free from gender violence. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of consent, respect, accountability, and support to individuals and the community as a whole. GVEO seeks to empower students through education, awareness, and proactive measures. GVEO offers primary prevention programming, consultation, referrals, networking, risk reduction education, and health promotion. GVEO focuses on an approach that actively engages students, encourages participation, and fosters a culture change.

Our Vision

All students have the right to learn and live in an environment where they are safe and treated equally.

GVEO works to foster a community free from gender-based violence through education and prevention. 

We all have a role to play, and we recognize that it takes the entire campus community to address gender violence on campus. GVEO employs evidence-based and informed approaches by strengthening protective factors and reducing risk factors of victimization and perpetration. Utilizing a socio-ecological approach, we examine how we can reduce gender violence on campus on an individual, interpersonal, community, and policy level. We acknowledge that due to the systemic oppression of marginalized groups, they are disproportionally victimized when it comes to gender violence and face additional barriers to seeking or receiving support.

In order to prevent violence on our campuses, we must develop a culture that is intolerant of violence. We focus on key areas to support this shift, including bystander intervention, consent education, how to support survivors, healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, and more. We aim to create lasting social change and eliminate gender-based violence through our shared goals.

Our Goals: 

  • To cultivate a campus where gender violence prevention education becomes a cornerstone of community well-being; empowering students with the knowledge and skills to build a safer community. 
  • To dismantle the roots of gender violence, creating a campus where compassion and equality are a part of each student’s experience. 
  • To create a future where our outreach efforts create positive change, minimizes barriers, and builds a more compassionate and resilient community. 

Our Values

GVEO seeks to collaborate with the campus community to make social change with the goals of informing, promoting and implementing prevention efforts. 

GVEO recognizes and values the importance of culturally proficient resources. GVEO holds a commitment to develop curriculum and outreach practices that reflects the needs of all students. 

GVEO embraces diversity of thought and encourages curiosity to actively engage students and promote culture change. 

GVEO envisions a community in which all students are well equipped to understand and care for their whole selves, as well as the needs of others. 

GVEO believes that each person has the right to dignity and respect. We engage with this value through fostering empowerment, responsibility, and accountability. 

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