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Campus Policies & Procedures

As students and staff navigate their response to gender violence, it is helpful to be knowledgeable about campus policies and procedures. The policies listed here outline the expectations for the Duke University community. The procedures, which are often imbedded into the policies, describe the steps taken by Duke University in response to allegations of gender violence. 

As GVEO's efforts are focused on prevention, we do not oversee policies related to discrimination or harassment.

The Gender Violence Intervention Coordinator or the Ombudsperson can support students in navigating the policies by providing clarification, seeking out nuanced information while protecting confidentiality, and can assist as a student weighs their options based on their individual needs and preferences. Below are a list of external links for those who are interested in reviewing the policy directly.

The Duke Community Standard

Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment & Related Misconduct (PPDHRM) 

Procedures for Responding to Discrimination & Harassment Reports Involving Student Respondents (Student Procedures)

Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedures (Title IX Procedures)

Procedures for Responding to Discrimination and Harassment Reports Involving Duke Faculty and Non-Faculty (Staff) Respondents (Employee Procedures)

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