Immunization Compliance

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Are you in compliance?

North Carolina State Law (General Statutes §130A 152–157) requires that all students entering college present a certificate of immunization that documents that the student has received all immunizations required by law. While your state or country of origin may have different immunization requirements, you must comply with North Carolina laws and Duke requirements.


The following immunizations are required for Duke students:

Name of Vaccine

Number of Doses Required

COVID-191 Complete Series
Flu (required only for health science students)1 Dose (annually)
Hepatitis B (if born after 7/1/94 & for all health science students)3 Doses
Measles2 Doses
Meningococcal ACWY1 Dose (after 16th birthday)
Mumps2 Doses
Polio3 Doses (if younger than 18 years old)
Rubella1 Dose
TD/DTAP/TDAP3 Doses (one TDAP in the last 10 years)
Varicella2 Doses

Students who wish to receive additional vaccines including flu, HPV, and Meningitis B, or need clearance for shadowing and volunteering,  should wait until after Oct 1 to schedule an appointment. 


Deadline to submit immunization records:

  • Fall Semester: June 15 (Deadline for Nursing and Physical Therapy Students is May 7th)
  • Spring Semester: December 15
  • Summer Semester: April 15

Students have 30 days after the first day of class to meet immunization compliance and TB requirements.

STEP 1: Complete the online Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire

STEP 2: You will receive an email after completing the questionnaire. Print the PDF and follow the instructions provided. 

STEP 3: Have a doctor’s office, clinic or health department complete the correct Mandatory Immunization Requirements Form below. Forms cannot be signed by family members.

STEP 4: Log into the Student Health Gateway

  • Click the "Forms" tab and complete the Immunizations Page in EMF Forms.

STEP 5: Submit your signed Mandatory Immunization Form and your TB Screening Questionnaire (along with any additional testing or documents if applicable) via one of the methods below:

STEP 6: Monitor your Duke Email. Communications regarding your compliance status can be found by logging into the Student Health Gateway and clicking on “Messages” on the left tool bar. Your Duke email will notify you when a new message has been sent.

STEP 7: Register after July 1 for your MyChart accounts

Is the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory?

COVID-19 vaccines are mandatory for all Duke students beginning Fall 2021. All vaccines on the WHO approved list will be recognized. Vaccines not on this list will be reviewed on an individual basis. If necessary, you will be able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when you arrive on campus. Medical and Religious exemption forms can be requested by emailing Incoming students should submit documentation of their COVID-19 vaccine(s) with their other immunization forms. Present students should submit their documentation to

All health science students are required to receive the COVID-19 booster vaccine per CDC Guidelines:

  • 5 months after the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines
  • 2 months after the J&J vaccine
  • 6 months after all other WHO approved vaccines
Is the flu vaccine mandatory?The flu vaccine is mandatory for all Duke students. You must receive a flu vaccine on or after 8/1/2022 to meet this requirement. The deadline for receiving the flu vaccine is later than the deadline for receiving the other state-mandated vaccines. The deadline for flu compliance will be announced at a later time. You will have many opportunities to receive the flu vaccine on Duke’s campus. Medical and Religious exemption forms can be requested by emailing
What happens if I do not complete the online forms and send in the proper documentation?Failure to comply with the State of NC and Duke University Immunization Requirements by the 30th day of class will result in the deactivation of your DukeCard. Your registrar will be notified and you will not be able to attend class or register for future classes.
What if I just send in my documentation but do not fill out the online forms?Failure to complete the online forms may cause a delay in processing your records. Go to the Student Health Website,, click on the Immunization Compliance tab and log into the Student Health Gateway by using your Net ID, password and birthday. Click the “Forms” tab on the left toolbar to complete the online forms.
Does my information need to be submitted on Duke’s Immunization Requirement Form?This is the preferred method and will facilitate the processing of your record. This form can be found on the Duke Student Health Website under the Immunization Compliance tab.
Is the TB Screening Questionnaire part of the Immunization Requirements?Yes. The form must be completed online, printed and submitted with your immunization record (along with any additional testing or documents if applicable).
Do I have to submit my TB Screening Questionnaire even though I have submitted my TB test?Yes. All pages of the TB Screening Questionnaire must be submitted.
Can I get my TB test when I arrive at Duke?We encourage domestic students to receive their immunizations and complete their TB testing before they arrive on campus. International students will be given the opportunity to complete their TB testing and receive any necessary vaccines at Duke during the orientation week. Student Health does not place ppd skin tests. All TB testing will consist of an IGRA blood test. The cost of this test is $80, which will be billed to the student’s bursar account, and the student will receive instructions on how to request reimbursement from their insurance company.
Is the cost of vaccines and TB testing covered under the Health Fee?The cost of vaccines and TB testing is not covered under the Student Health Fee. These services will be billed to the student’s insurance company.
Can I re-submit the online immunization form?No. Once you click the proceed button, your information is officially submitted.
What if I receive additional immunizations after I have already submitted the Health Form?Upload any additional immunization documentation to
If I have completed the online immunization form, why do I need to submit my immunization records?Student Health staff cannot verify your online submissions without your official immunization record.
Will I receive notification that my records have been processed?You will receive a secure message when your records are processed notifying you of your immunization status. Please be patient as this can take up to 4 weeks. If you are non-compliant, the message will outline what you are missing. You must provide us with these missing items within 30 days of the first day of class. If you are partially compliant, the message will inform you of the date your next vaccine or titer is due. If you are compliant, the message will inform you that no further action is necessary.
Will these messages be sent to my Duke email account?You will receive an email in your Duke account notifying you that you have received a secure message from Duke Student Health. Log into the Student Health Gateway and click on “Messages” on the left toolbar. It is extremely important that you read all messages sent to you from Student Health. Failure to do so is the primary reason students fall out of immunization compliance, which leads to disruption in their educational experience.
Will I be allowed to attend class if I am told I am partially compliant?Yes. Being partially compliant means that you cannot receive any more required vaccines or titers until the necessary time has passed since your last vaccine(s).
What happens if I don’t get my vaccine when the next dose is due?If you do not receive the vaccine in the time frame stated in the message you receive, you will be withdrawn from class and your DukeCard will be deactivated.
My registration is on hold OR my DukeCard has been deactivated. What do I do now?Student Health only places holds on registration and deactivates DukeCards after the 30th day of class.  If you are experiencing problems before the 30th day of class, please contact your registrar or the DukeCard office. If your card has been deactivated due to immunization compliance, you should immediately contact Student Health at 919.681.9355 option 1 to schedule an appointment with the immunization nurse.
When I become compliant will my DukeCard be activated automatically?It can take up to 24 hours for a hold to be removed once you have become compliant.
What is the difference between the Td and Tdap immunizations?Td protects against tetanus and diphtheria. Tdap protects against pertussis, tetanus and diphtheria. Tdap vaccine was licensed in 2005 and is not available in all countries. If you need a dose of Tdap for immunization compliance, you can receive it at Student Health once you arrive at Duke. The State of NC requires 3 doses of a tetanus vaccine for college entry. One of these three doses MUST be a Tdap and one must have been given within the last 10 years.
What if my immunization records are under my maiden name and I am registered at Duke under my married name?You will need to attach a copy of your marriage certificate or proof of name change to verify that the record is yours.
I am pregnant but not up-to-date on my immunization requirements. What can I do?You will need a note from a physician verifying your pregnancy and your approximate due date. Contact the Student Health Center for more information.
What is MyChart and how do I sign up for it?MyChart is a secure online portal that gives you access to Student Health Appointments, access to your medical health record, and fast communication with your health care team. Register for your MyChart account after July 1: For assistance, click here.
How do I schedule my TB test if I need to get it when I arrive at Duke?You will have an opportunity to receive any necessary vaccines, titers, and TB testing when you arrive at Duke. You will receive information from your program later this summer regarding the immunization event that will be held in August.

Below FAQ's For Health Science Students only (Med, Nursing- ABSN, R-NAP-DNP, PT, PA, A-MBS, A-OPT, A-PH, OD-T):

Am I required to have a positive Hep B titer even though I have had the Hep B vaccines?

Yes. A complete Hep B series AND a positive Hep B Quantitative Surface Antibody Titer are required for all Duke Health Science students.

  • If your titer returns negative, you will need to receive the first dose of the second Hep B series and repeat the titer 2months later (per CDC guidelines).
Why is my Hep B titer being rejected?

There are 2 types of Hep B surface antibody titers – quantitative and qualitative.  Duke requires the quantitative titer.  Please send the lab report, complete with reference ranges.

We will only accept a qualitative titer if the report defines what numeric reference they use to determine a positive or reactive result.  Ex:  Reactive = >9.9.

Can I submit a ppd skin test instead of an IGRA blood test?All Health Science students at Duke must submit an IGRA TB blood test (T-spot or Quantiferon Gold) done within 6 months of matriculation. The only Health Science program that will accept a ppd skin test is NAP-DNP.

Important things to remember:

  • You must complete the online TB Screening Questionnaire and follow the instructions you receive in the email.
  • Upload all documents to
  • Each record submitted must be written in English and have your full name and date of birth on every page.
  • Do not submit your records more than once.
  • Due to high volume, it may take up to 4-6 weeks to process your records.
  • Staff will review your records and send you a secure message notifying you of your immunization status. You will need to log into the Student Health Gateway to read these messages.
  • For further immunization questions, please contact us at