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Are you planning on hosting an event that involves alcohol this upcoming year?

For all events involving alcohol where the anticipated number of guests is >25, there must be one (1) Social Host for every 25 guests. The name(s) of each Social Host must be submitted via Duke Groups when registering your event involving alcohol.

Note: This workshop includes new material and guidelines for 2023 – 2024. If you attended the Social Host workshop last year, you will need to attend the workshop again.

What is a Social Host?

Social Hosts are members of the Duke community that are required to be present at events where alcohol is present. Social Hosts are sober, active bystanders that assist in promoting safe, social behaviors to ensure that the event ends well for all those attending.

What will this workshop cover?

  • Policies & guidelines for events involving alcohol
  • Your role as a Social Host
  • Potential risks associated with alcohol and other substance use
  • Skills to address potentially dangerous and questionable behavior among your guests
  • How you can host a safe and successful event involving alcohol
  • Learn hands-only CPR

Workshop Dates and Times

DateTimeLocation (Click for Map)
Thursday, Nov. 94 – 5:30 pmStudent Wellness Center, Room 148