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BC Fellows are Transforming Duke

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5 Reasons to Apply for the Fellowship

Student Affairs is accepting applications for the next cohort of Balthrop Cassidy Fellows, an extraordinary opportunity for graduating students and early-career Duke alumni who are passionate about transforming campus culture.

The Balthrop Cassidy (BC) Fellows aim to equip Duke students with the knowledge and skills necessary to cultivate healthy, supportive relationships across all areas of their lives. Made possible by the generous support of the Balthrop-Cassidy family, the BC Fellowship is an instrumental part of the QuadEx approach to holistic wellbeing.

If you’re seeking a role where your efforts foster meaningful change, here are five reasons to consider applying for the Balthrop-Cassidy Fellowship.

You care about Duke’s campus culture.

Open to recent graduates of Duke who have received a degree in the last two years, the BC Fellowship is designed for Blue Devils who know our campus culture firsthand and want to help improve it.

The BC Fellows foster a healthy campus community by teaching students how to develop caring and meaningful relationships of all types. This direct work is a core part of the QuadEx mission to cultivate a community where every student can thrive.

Not only are they a vital component in our support systems, BC Fellows are also a liaison for Student Affairs staff to learn more about student attitudes toward healthy relationships. Your insights help us understand where we can serve students more effectively, and your recommendations will directly shape Student Affairs actions.

Getting to work directly with Duke students was a key factor in Corey Pilson (T’20) accepting a BC Fellowship in December 2020. After being an engaged student leader and working in various Identity and Cultural Centers, Pilson’s familiarity with campus culture gave him a solid foundation on which to build his outreach to students.

You want to design and implement new ideas.

Freedom to innovate is a hallmark of the BC Fellowship. After all, your core responsibility is to develop programming that resonates with students as they navigate the college experience and build healthy relationships. We’re excited about new ideas, and we encourage BC Fellows to think outside the box.

During their time as BC Fellows, Pilson and Bailey Bogle (T’20) piloted the Love is Learned campaign, a series of workshops and outreach to educate students about practical ways to develop healthy relationship skills.

The month-long series culminated in a keynote event with special guest speakers and some of Durham’s best food trucks. By the end of the campaign, over 1500 students had learned concrete ways to practice healthy communication, setting boundaries, and other relationship skills.

Looking back, building the Love is Learned campaign from the ground up is one of Pilson’s proudest moments as a BC Fellow. “If you care about changing students’ lives for the better,” he remarked, “you have a big opportunity to do that.”

You’re comfortable in conversation, even when it’s difficult.

As a BC Fellow, you will help students learn how to navigate difficult conversations around issues like rejection, conflict, and the transactional nature of relationships on campus. Whether you’re giving a presentation or answering student questions, we expect that you maintain the highest level of trustworthiness and professionalism, given the sensitive nature of these topics.

In short, you have to be comfortable in uncomfortable conversations. For candidates who can lead with support, empathy, and open-mindedness, the BC Fellowship offers a unique opportunity to support Duke students as they develop healthy practices for enriching relationships.

Pilson pointed out that communication skills were a core ingredient to succeeding as a BC Fellow. “If you have the ability to talk to students and you’re personable, your potential for positive change and positive impact is infinite.”

You’re interested in higher education.

For those considering a career in higher education (or attending grad school), the BC Fellowship is an opportunity to gain a cross-cutting understanding of university life. BC Fellows work directly with teams across the Division of Student Affairs, as well as Duke at large.

Campus partners include Duke’s Office of Gender Violence Education and Outreach, Women’s Center, Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity, DuWell, and Office of Undergraduate Education. Fellows also partner with student organizations through advising, planning events and coordinating outreach campaigns.

As a BC Fellow, you’ll see exactly how Student Affairs implements its values as tangible actions across the division. You’ll learn a lot, and fast!

You’re looking for a two or three-year commitment.

The BC Fellowship provides a time-bound opportunity to grow as an early-career professional. With a two-year commitment (and an optional one-year extension), BC Fellows can make significant contributions to Duke’s campus while investing in their own career trajectories.

This early-career period is an ideal time to build skills, expand your network, and lay the groundwork for your professional path, whether you continue in higher education or another field. You’ll have the support of our entire team as you do so.

Join our mission to transform campus culture.

The BC Fellowship is a special opportunity for recent graduates to transform Duke into an even more welcoming, inclusive, and safe community. If you’re passionate about contributing to this vision, we encourage you to send us your application by April 21.

Help us continue to build a Duke where every Blue Devil can thrive. Learn more and apply today.