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Most apartments and houses in Durham do not come with furniture. Students typically rent furniture from a rental company, purchase used furniture from other students or thrift stores, or purchase new furniture.

Furniture Rental Companies

Both companies below are popular with students. Here’s how it works:

  • Select a furniture rental package or the specific pieces of furniture you would like to rent. Search for the package that best suits your needs, ex. a student rental package.
  • Pay a monthly rental fee to the furniture rental company.
  • Furniture is delivered to your residence when your lease begins and picked up again when your lease ends.
  • You can also rent things like kitchen supplies—pots, pans, silverware, plates, etc, and appliances, TV, coffee maker, etc.

Used Furniture Options

Through Duke

  • Many students purchase furniture from other students in their programs. This is often set up through group chats or social media groups for specific schools and programs.
  • DukeList: DukeList is a free classified service for members of the Duke community. You must log in with your NetID. Many students purchase used furniture from other members of the Duke community through DukeList.

Local thrift stores

  • TROSA Thrift Store: Located in north Durham, you can find furniture as well as home goods like kitchen supplies or rugs at TROSA. Proceeds benefit TROSA’s recovery program.
  • Durham Rescue Mission: Located on 15-501 Blvd, the Durham Rescue Mission has the largest furniture selection of the thrift stores in town. You can also find home goods there. Proceeds benefit the Rescue Mission’s homeless shelter.
  • The Scrap Exchange: The Scrap Exchange has 2 parts—a thrift store and a creative reuse store. The thrift store, Scrap Thrift, is where you can find some used furniture, but are more likely to find used home goods like pots, pans, silverware, cups, etc.
  • Habitat ReStore: While technically in Chapel Hill, the Habitat ReStore is only about a 15-minute drive from campus. Here, you can find used furniture as well as home goods. Proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity.


  • Local Facebook groups often have used furniture and other items listed. For example, check out Bull City Shares.