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From its very beginning, Duke University has placed the highest value on being a residential campus that fosters community and personal growth. We believe that the experience outside the classroom is a vital part of each student's education: an opportunity to build lifelong friendships, develop personal responsibility, and gain experience in leadership and self-government in a supportive environment.

QuadEX focus on several interconnected areas of campus life and will be guided by the following goals:

  • Residential communities will be centered around seven West Campus Quads
  • East Campus Houses will be permanently connected to associated West Campus Quads
  • Each Quad will develop its own identity, traditions and social events
  • QuadEx will support students for their entire four years at Duke
  • First-year students will continue to live on East Campus, but will have automatic membership into their affiliated Quad on West Campus
  • Sophomores will live in their linked West Campus Quad
  • Juniors will reside in their West Campus Quad or other upperclass housing on campus (Hollows, 300 Swift)
  • Seniors will live in their Quad, other upperclass housing or off campus
  • Juniors and seniors will retain affiliation with their Quad regardless of where they live

Further information can be found at https://quadex.duke.edu/.

Residency requirement:

Duke requires students to live on campus for three years. We generally have space to guarantee housing for the fourth year, should a student choose to remain on campus. We have two campuses for upperclass students: West and 300 Swift. 

Important Information

Duke students are still required to live on-campus for three years. First-year students will live in their assigned East Campus residence hall. Sophomores will be required to live on-campus in their assigned Quad. Juniors will also be required to live on-campus in their assigned Quad or in Hollows/300 Swift. Seniors have the ability to live in their Quad, in upperclass housing (Hollows/300 Swift), or off-campus. Juniors and seniors will retain affiliation with their Quads, regardless of where they live.

All rates are set by Housing and Residence Life and approved by the University Board of Trustees. The rates below represent the final rates for 2022-2023. 

The rates listed are per student.

Single Room
Semester: $6,053
Academic Year: $12,106

Double Room
Semester: $4,582
Academic Year: $9,164

Apartment Private Bedroom:
Semester: $7,524
Academic Year: $15,048

Apartment Shared Bedroom:
Semester: $6,053
Academic Year: $12,106

Please note: All rooms in the Hollows are considered single rooms and will be charged the single room rate.

Move-in/Move-out Information:

  • Fall move-in for first year students begins Saturday, August 20, 2022.
  • Fall move-in for returning students begins Friday, August 26, 2022.
  • The residence halls close at noon, Tuesday, December 20, 2022. Students not returning for the spring 2023 semester should move-out on or before noon, December 20.
  • Spring move-in (residence halls open) is Saturday, January 7, 2022.
  • Spring move-out (residence halls and apartments close) is Monday, May 8, 2023.
  • All undergraduate students are expected to vacate their room or apartment on May 8, 2023, with the exception of seniors and students assisting with commencement activities. Students who are not seniors must be approved to stay by Housing Assignments.

Residential students will be notified via duke.edu email if there is a change to the move-in/move-out dates.

Financial aid includes all standard housing costs. Whether you live on East or West Campus or in a single or double room, your cost will be the same. You should choose your standard housing based on your preferences and needs, not the cost. All rooms in 300 Swift are currently considered standard rooms for financial aid purposes, and will be covered by financial aid.

Duke University is not liable for damage or loss of personal property kept in the resident’s assigned space or in other areas of University housing. Because the University does not provide property insurance, residents are encouraged to secure their own personal property insurance.

All Duke students should consider purchasing renters insurance to protect their personal property in the event that it is damaged, destroyed or stolen. Even if a student is a dependent under his or her parent's insurance, the student's personal property, may not be covered.

Talk with your parents. They should check their policy or contact their insurance agent to see what coverage you have and if renters insurance is right for you while away at school.

Housing and Residence Life (HRL) works in conjunction with the Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) to ensure consistency in evaluating special housing accommodation requests. The Student Disability and Access Office reviews requests and shares approved student accommodations with HRL. Students with approved accommodations will be offered priority for placement in an available space that meets their accommodations.

Students who wish to be considered for reasonable accommodations must submit current documentation (i.e., medical/educational/diagnostic reports) from licensed physicians, psychologists, or other qualified professionals as well as supporting historical records and materials. For the purpose of receiving consideration for reasonable accommodations at Duke University, an individual must have an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

Information regarding the process to request an accommodation can be found on the Student Disability and Access Office website

Students may decline housing for a variety of reasons:

  • Met residency requirement (class of 2023 or lower)
  • Housing accommodation to live off campus
  • Enrolled in sponsored program (study away, Marine Lab, etc.)
  • Voluntary leave from Duke (medical or personal leave, voluntary withdrawal)
  • Involuntary leave from Duke (academic dismissal, administrative financial withdrawal, administrative withdrawal, disciplinary dismissal/suspension)

All declines are reviewed and verified via respective university offices and programs. Students who are declining housing should complete the Decline Housing form via the housing portal.

Students returning to Duke are still required to meet the three-year residency requirement. You may contact housing regarding your residency status while your return application is under review. 

Housing and Residence Life is currently NOT conducting an off-campus lottery for the Fall 2022 semester.  For the spring semester, HRL is offering an off-campus lottery for eligible juniors to request to be released from housing requirement. Spring 2023 housing information is available here.

Students returning to Duke after a separation of any kind should work with the Time Away Office to manage their return process. You may contact housing assignments regarding your residency status while your Time Away Return Form is under review. 

  • Students without a housing assignment will be required to apply and are assigned once approved for return.
  • Students with a housing assignment, who take time-off from the University, can decline housing and apply once approved for return.

Bassett + Pegram: Craven

Giles + Wilson: Crowell

Belltower + Trinity: Edens

Gilbert-Addoms + Southgate: Few

Blackwell + Randolph: Keohane

Alspaugh + Brown: Kilgo

East House + West House: Wannamaker

East and West Campus Connections for quadex

Housing and Residence Life has worked with students and staff from Blue Devils United and the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity to create new housing options that will help meet the needs of all students with respect to their gender identity and expression. Our similar-gender and all-gender housing configurations will provide continuing undergraduate students with increased opportunities to select housing that best supports their gender identity and expression. 

With the implementation of QuadEx, West Campus students are now able to select a housing space with any continuing student - regardless of that student’s gender identity. The majority of space within each Quad will have bedrooms where roommates may share similar gender identities and live on floors where the students next door may not share their gender identity. Each floor with all-gender housing configurations will have gender non-specific and gender-specific restrooms. In addition, each Quad will also include options for similar-gender suites/floors and all-gender suites/floors to provide more choices for students to find the space that is right for them. 

If you have questions or need support in navigating these new housing options, please feel free to connect with the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (csgd@duke.edu) or Housing Assignments (housing@duke.edu). 

Blocking provides students the option to select a preferred roommate - as well as a larger group of friends whom they’d like to live near. While blocking does not guaranteean outcome, it gives all students in the block the same selection time – which may allow you to select consecutive or proximate rooms depending on availability. 
With QuadEx, you and your preferred roommate may choose to be members of a block or simply enter the Quad housing lottery as a roommate pair. For rising sophomores, all students within a block must have the same Quad affiliation and will select rooms in their affiliated Quad. 

As you might expect, smaller block sizes have had more success selecting rooms in direct proximity to one another, as it’s easier to find contiguous rooms when there are fewer rooms involved. 

Blocking Etiquette:

  • Includes 3-8 students. 
  • Blocks may be any gender.  
  • Students may form blocks with other students from the two East Campus Houses affiliated with their Quad. 
  • Every member of a block must complete an online application. 
  • Block leader will invite all members of the block through the online application. 
  • Invited members must accept or decline the block invitation. 
  • Members of block will be assigned the same room selection time slot. 

Blocking Mythbusters

  • Blocking (or not) does not increase or decrease the likelihood of receiving a good lottery number. 
  • Blocking does not guarantee a specific upperclass housing placement. For example, a large block that has a high lottery number may be bumped to their second preference building because they are too large to fit in their preferred building within a Quad/Hollows/300 Swift. 
  • Blocking does not guarantee room or apartment type, nor does it guarantee a certain number of beds within a suite or apartment. All of these items depend on lottery numbers, bed availability, and the selections of students in front of you – to name a few variables. 

Updated 1/28/2022

Please submit the housing application as if you are not living with your LLC. LLC members will be able to identify a preferred roommate from within their Quad Connection, if applicable. You will be manually assigned by the housing assignments staff. More details will be provided to LLC members.

Updated 1/28/2022

Please submit the housing application as if you are not living in your SLG section.  You will be manually assigned by the housing assignments staff at the guidance of your SLG.

Substance free communities are created to support students interested in living in a substance-free environment. Students in substance free have the opportunity to participate in experiences to develop habits that support lifelong health and well-being. The community also features extended quiet hours to promote academic study. Substance free differs from other communities because residents sign a contract pledging to refrain from the use of alcohol, being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco, and the abuse of prescription medications. Students who do not honor the contract will be relocated within their quad community. 

Every quad will have the opportunity to form substance free communities. Students may identify their interest in the substance free community within their quad on their housing application. Students who identify the substance free community as an option will receive additional communications related to the location of the community within their quad. There will not be any substance free communities within 300 Swift or Hollows.

Substance Free Community Agreement

Last update 1/28/22

Students returning to campus for the Fall 2022 semester should complete a housing application via the Housing Portal. Students studying at the Marine Lab for the Fall 2022 semester should decline housing via the Housing Portal. Students studying at the Marine Lab for the spring 2023 semester will be able to cancel housing during October 2022.

The processes outlined below are for a typical spring campus switch.

Housing process for Duke Robertson Scholars:

  • During the fall semester, Duke Robertson Scholars may decline housing for the spring semester due to the Robertson Campus Switch. This is part of our annual spring assignment process.
  • Duke Robertson Scholars are confirmed with the Robertson Scholars program and housing decline is processed.
  • Duke Robertson Scholars are contacted during the spring semester to participate in the fall housing process.

Housing process for UNC Robertson Scholars:

  • During the fall semester, UNC Robertson Scholars are contacted by the Robertson Scholars program and instructed to apply for housing at Duke for the spring semester.
  • The Robertson Scholars program confirms UNC Robertson Scholars with the Housing Assignments office.
  • UNC Robertson Scholars housing applications are managed via spring assignments process. Robertson Scholars are assigned and must go through housing confirmation process and select a meal plan.

Last updated 3/1/22

Students who have applied, but not been enrolled in a study away program should complete the housing application and participate in the assignment process. Once enrolled in a program, you may decline housing. All students are verified via the Global Education Office.

Assignments for any students enrolled in a Study Away program will be pulled on May 2nd. These students will then need to submit a Decline Housing Form on the Housing Portal.

Students who study away for the fall 2022 semester should plan to live on-campus when they return in the spring 2023 semester. Application information will be available via the HRL website in October.