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Krystal George

photo of an African American women (Women's Center director Krystal George) with a pink shirt and pearls standing in front of the archways of the Duke chapel

Krystal George (she/her)


As the Director of the Women's Center, Krystal George oversees the operational aspects of the Women's Center, but more importantly, she collaborates with her colleagues to fulfill the mission of the center. The mission of the Women's Center is to promote a campus that supports, celebrates, engages, and collaborates with women, student groups, and stakeholders to build a Duke culture that centers gender equity, intersectionality, and social justice.

This translates into her role at Duke. Creating a comfortable gathering space for women students and allies with diverse needs and interests. As well as educating the Duke community about gender equity and the way in which gender intersects with systems, and influences our experiences. Krystal also develops authentic women leaders by helping them to build skills that will prepare them for life after Duke and empower them to thrive in their efforts toward personal, professional, and academic success.