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Group Counseling

How Can Group Counseling Help Me?

Our group services include group therapy and discussion groups that are skills-focused and relationship-oriented with a variety of goals that aim to promote wellbeing. Groups provide opportunities to increase self-awareness and increase the quality of your interactions with others and research demonstrates that group therapy is equally effective as individual therapy and is often the treatment of choice for student issues.

While these groups are free and open to all Duke students, pre-group screening is required. Please call 919-660-1000 to set up a pre-screening appointment.



Understanding Self and Others

This group provides opportunities to increase awareness of thoughts and feelings in real moments of social interaction, to experience and communicate empathy, and to give and receive feedback while recognizing patterns in relationships.

Wisdom of the Herd: An Innovative Path to Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, and Social Intelligence

Equine-assisted psychotherapy is an innovative and evidence-based approach to improve your well-being. You will learn mindful skills to calm and connect with your mind and body through experiential exercises with horses on a farm, as well as to explore interpersonal relationships.

DBT-U/Mindfulness Based Skills Training

This evidence-based group offers students an opportunity to learn core mindfulness and emotional regulation. Students will learn skills to cope with their daily stress in a structured setting.  

Graduate & Professional Black Womyn's Collective

This support group provides a space for Black and female-identified graduate and professional students to grow within a supportive community. 

Religious Trauma Support Group

This group seeks to provide a supportive and affirming space for LGBTQ+ identifying students who have experience religious trauma in any form. Students of all spiritual/religious/faith identities are welcome to attend.

Graduate & Professional Student Connections

This group provides a space for graduate and professional students to connect, share, and receive support. Topics for this group include school/work/life balance, building rapport with advisors and peers, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, career planning, family and other personal relationships, self-care, and stress management.

Lotus Support Group 

Lotus is a confidential support collective for students who have experienced gender-based discrimination, harassment, violence, or sexual assault. This group is created by women of color and is a non-exclusionary space. Anyone who feels this community would be of value to them is welcome. 

Looking to start services with CAPS? 

  1. You can either call 919-660-1000 or visit us in person on Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm. No appointment needed to get started with CAPS.
  2. You will then complete some paperwork and meet with a member of our staff for approximately 15 - 20 minutes to discuss your specific goals.
  3. A collaborative plan will be developed based on your needs. This may include referrals to a psychiatrist, a community mental health provider, group counseling, or one of our counselors.