Center for Muslim Life

Providing the best Muslim Life experience in higher education

Belonging Identity, Culture and Religion Center for Muslim Life

The Center for Muslim Life serves as the home for Muslim life on Campus. The CML is committed to enriching the lives of Muslim students and the whole campus through events and activities that cater to the spiritual, social, and intellectual needs of Duke students. 

The Center for Muslim Life is located at Few Quadrangle, 420 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC 27708 in Few GG section and serves as a home away from home for all who want to engage with Muslim community at Duke. At the CML, students, staff, and faculty come together to create a vibrant and inclusive Muslim environment. 

To provide the best Muslim Life experience in higher education

The CML helps to bridge the faith and values of Muslim students with their Duke education. We create an environment for Muslims to flourish by enriching understandings of Islam through meaningful engagement with students, faculty, staff and alumni. 

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