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The CML prides itself on being a resource at Duke. Check out the trainings we offer to educate the campus community.

The CML provides an introductory training about the history and presence of Muslims and Islamophobia in the US. The learning objectives include:

  1. To recognize stereotypes of Muslims and understand the diversity of racial backgrounds, practices, and experiences of US Muslims
  2. To understand the critical role Islam and Muslims have played in the history of the US
  3. To identify the language and rhetoric of Islamophobia and grasp its effects on US Muslims

Join the Center for Muslim Life for an introductory training about Ramadan and what Ramadan looks like for Muslims on Duke’s campus.

  1. Learn to: Understand the history and practice of Ramadan and how it is practiced at Duke
  2. Identify Muslim students’ needs during Ramadan and understand the resources offered by the Center for Muslim Life and other departments
  3. Understand sensitive and accommodating language to talk about Ramadan

Muslim Life at Duke can extend beyond the boundaries of campus.

There are various masjids, organizations, MSAs and halal food options in and around the Durham-area. We’ve gathered information so you can begin exploring the opportunities!

Our community often engages with the larger Muslim community in our area. The Durham area and broader Triangle boast large, active Muslim communities for students to participate in, from attending religious services and events to participating in classes. Check out a list of local masjids below. 

Masjid of Jamaat Ibad Ar-Rahman
3034 Fayetteville Street, 
P.O. Box 1590, Durham, North Carolina 27702
(919) 394-7336 

Masjid Ar-Razzaq
1009 W. Chapel Hill Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701 
(919) 493-1230

Islamic Association of Raleigh 
808 Atwater Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 
(919) 834-9572 

As Salaam Islamic Center 
110 Lord Anson Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina 27610   
(919) 231-1547 

Islamic Association of Cary 
1076 West Chatham Street, Cary, North Carolina 27511  
(919) 460-6496

The Institute of Islamic and Turkish Studies of North Carolina 
1391 SE Maymyard Rd., Cary, North Carolina 27511 

Jamat Ibadah al-Rahman 
5122 Revere Rd, Durham, NC 27713 

Check out some local organizations that are working to improve the livelihoods of Muslims in our community and across the globe.  

Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia 

Muslims for Social Justice 

Muslim Women For 

The Light House Project 


Visit our Student Life page for a list of Halal options on campus.


Bull City Burger and Brewery: 107 E Parrish St, Durham, NC. (919) 680-2333 

Burger Bach: 737 9th St #220, Durham, NC. (919) 973-4416 

Curry Point Express: 5400 S Miami Blvd #100, Durham, NC. (919) 474-7447 

Cholanad: 308 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC. (800) 246-5262 

Dales Indian Cuisine: 811 9th St # 150, Durham, NC 27705. (919) 286-1760 

Devil’s Pizzeria: 742 9th St, Durham, NC. (919) 286-3090 

Golden Pizza and Subs: 200 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC. (919) 402-0404 

Halal Haven Food Truck: Cary, North Carolina. (919) 659 5786 

Mediterra Grill: 2608 Erwin Rd, Suite 136, Durham, NC. (919) 386-0066 

Mediterranean Deli: 410 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC. (919) 967-2666 

Philly Steak Factory: 5410 New Hope Commons Dr, Durham, NC. (919) 490-9753 

Quick Meal: 1106 W Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 908-8377 

Sitar Indian Cuisine: 3630 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham, NC. (919) 490-1326 

Spice and Curry: 2105 E NC Hwy 54, Durham, NC. (919) 544-7555 

Taiba Market: 1008 West Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC. (919) 688-7000