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Experiential Orientation Student Leadership

Project Directors

Project Directors for Duke Experiential Orientation experiences have the opportunity to lead community-building orientation projects that will become part of the tapestry of Duke orientation. Projects will create an inclusive environment where new members of the Duke community can build healthy relationships, learn about campus culture, and begin to acclimate to Duke. With the help of campus partners and the Office of New Student and Family Programs (NSFP), Project Directors will facilitate these outcomes by co-designing a project schedule, building and training a student staff, and leading the execution of their project.

Project Directors will: 

  • Co-design schedule with NSFP Advisor and Project Advisor 
  • Serve on the Orientation Board (Orientation Board includes: each Project PDs, the Orientation Co-Chairs, and the Logistics Committee) 
  • Assist in the Orientation Leader (OL) recruitment and selection process 
  • Build a team environment among the project’s OLs  
  • Co-Design project-specific OL training with Project Advisor 
  • Support the required standardized training NSFP will provide to all student leaders 
  • Be present and run point for the project with selected OLs for 60-130 students  
  • Be good fiscal steward of projects budget